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Lost wallet “flew to 35 cities”, airlines claimed they couldn’t find it

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An American Airlines passenger claims to have left a wallet with a tracking device on the plane and tracked his “journeys”. “I could watch my wallet fly to 35 cities,” he wrote. Meanwhile, airline employees reported that they could not find the lost item.

John Lewis announced via Twitter that on January 24, during a flight to the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he lost his wallet on board an American Airlines flight. He realized this when he wanted to rent a car at the airport after landing. In one of the Twitter entries, the man added that there was a location-indicating device in the wallet. As he explained in an interview with Insider, American Airlines employees – immediately notified of the loss – were unable to trace the wallet for many days. The device placed in it kept changing location.

John Lewis also shared a post on social media, showing a picture of his AirTag tracking the loss. “I left my wallet on an American Airlines flight on Tuesday and they say they can’t find it. But I have an Apple AirTag in my wallet so I could watch my wallet travel to 35 cities and count,” he wrote.

Lost between the seat cushions

Information about the continuous change of the location of the device was communicated to representatives of the airline by John Lewis. In response, he heard that the plane had been searched, but the wallet had not been found. Finally, the tracking device itself was found. The line workers were supposed to find them between the cushions on one of the seats.

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Lewis explained that one of his credit cards had been used in the city where he got off the plane. That means someone used his wallet. Due to unclear explanations and the circumstances of finding the device, the passenger suspects one of the employees of the theft. He said it directly in one of the recordings published on Twitter.

“Yes, I am responsible for the loss of the wallet. However, the reason for my rush was the delay of our flight, through which I had to rush to catch the next plane, here lies the problem,” the man noted in the description of the recording.

Canada. An Ontario couple’s luggage is missing

The insider also recalls the case of a couple from the US Ontario who returned from their honeymoon in Canada without luggage. An Apple tracking device informed them that the bag had been left at the Montreal airport. The couple tracked the changing location of the luggage for several months, and the airlines did not respond to requests for its return. They did it only when, after a series of posts posted on social media, the case gained the attention of newspapers and portals. In the meantime, the bag was… donated to a charity. Eventually, however, she returned to the owners.

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