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Lots of Redox Hardcore dietary supplements from SFD withdrawn from the market. GIS Warning

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) announced in a statement that SFD decided to withdraw some batches of dietary supplements. The reason was given that traces of ethylene oxide were detected.

GIS Warning

“The Chief Sanitary Inspector was informed about the withdrawal of food supplements listed below, carried out by SFD SA, ul. Głogowska 41, Opole, due to the use of an ingredient contaminated with ethylene oxide in their production” – it was written in the release.

It added that “ethylene oxide is a substance harmful to health, no safe levels of consumption of this substance can be established”.

Sanepid explained that the company SFD “took steps to withdraw from the market the indicated batches of products manufactured with the use of the contaminated ingredient”.

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Details about the products

Product Name: Redox Hardcore

Date of minimum durability: 11.2022, Batch number: 190220

Minimum durability date: 04.2023, Batch number: 041221

Lots of Redox Hardcore withdrawn from the marketGIS

Food supplement batches withdrawn

“Based on routine testing in an independent laboratory, we would like to inform you that trace amounts of ethylene oxide have been detected in some lots of Redox Hardcore,” SFD wrote in a release on its website.

GIS announced that the manufacturer started “the recall process of the above-mentioned batches of the dietary supplement, and” the company announced the recall of the product via the website “.

In the announcement of the Sanepid, it was added that “the bodies of the State Sanitary Inspection monitor the activities undertaken by the manufacturer”.

“You should not eat the batch of products specified in this announcement” – emphasized GIS.

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