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Low. A man got lost in the forest and fell into a quagmire

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A 59-year-old man from the commune of Jeżowe (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) called the police officers from Niżna with information that he was lost in the forest. The man could not get out of the swamp in which he got stuck. The rescue operation has started.

The man called the police on the night of Monday to Tuesday. He said he got lost in the woods and fell into a quagmire. The duty officer sent a police patrol to the spot.

The rescue operation was hampered by the lack of telephone coverage and the night time. “Telephone contact with a man who got stuck in a forest wetland was extremely difficult” – emphasize the police. The temperature of the air also dropped steadily.

The man was found less than two hours after the report. “At some point, the policemen noticed a small beam of light in a forest clearing, the source of which came from the lamp of the missing man’s mobile phone. The officers ran to the 59-year-old, whom they immediately helped to get to stable ground,” reads the message.

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