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Low interest in the HPV vaccination program. “Lack of education”

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HPV kills. Among other things, it causes cervical cancer. It is sexually transmitted and kills men too. This knowledge should be common, but either it is not, or too few parents in Poland know that you can save children with free vaccinations that started on June 1.

Health centers are ready to fight HPV as part of the government program, but there are no queues. – One person decided to be vaccinated. It is a boy aged 12 – says Marek Stefanik, manager of hospital clinics in Bolesławiec. Free vaccinations for 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds against HPV started on Children’s Day. In the first week, 5,000 children were vaccinated and 11,000 are registered. Minister Niedzielski admits that he has 70,000 free dates. Out of the 800,000 eligible children, Mrs. Joanna vaccinated several girls. – Both young people and parents need education and basic information, what this vaccination is for, why we should be vaccinated – explains Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch, specialist in family medicine, “Family Clinic” in Białystok.

– There was no education. And not one that should be happening now, because it’s a bit late now, but one that should be a few months, if not years ago – adds Anna Skrzypczyk-Ostaszewicz from the Oncology Clinic of the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.

There was also no information that the sexually transmitted HPV virus causes, among other things, cervical cancer. – One and a half thousand women in Poland die unnecessarily due to this disease – warns Professor Robert Jach, University Hospital in Krakow, Polish Society of Colposcopy and Pathophysiology of the Cervix. – These are also cancers in men, cancers of the penis, cancers of the anus in both sexes. In women, other cancers, cancers of the vulva, vagina, and again in both sexes, cancers of the head and neck region – adds Anna Skrzypczyk-Ostaszewicz.

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Fewer people would get them if they got vaccinated. Both girls and boys should be vaccinated before they start having sex. Ida Karpińska regrets that she did not have such opportunities. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 34. – The operation is very difficult, very complicated and very long. Chemotherapy, irradiation(…) That’s why I always appeal and I ask again: vaccinate your children – appeals Ida Karpińska, National Organization Flower of Femininity.

HPV vaccination program for young girls and boysTVN24

First, awareness

Where vaccination programs have been in operation for years, the incidence of cervical cancer has decreased. Precancerous conditions are also 90 per cent lower in the UK. Katowice and Wrocław vaccinated 70 percent of children as part of municipal programs. Their success depended on entering schools. – There was also information from the tutor, there was information at meetings for parents. There was education for children, for parents. So there was a lot of information. My parents didn’t really have a choice. They must have come across this information – says Martyna Budniok-Lamczyk, a family medicine resident.

– Next week, about 170,000 pieces of information will be sent to Librus. We are also preparing an SMS campaign with the Ministry of Digitization – announces Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Professor Jach would like to finally have less work. Do not look at the drama of patients with cervical cancer. – I vaccinated my children. They are safe vaccines. My daughter has already given birth to a granddaughter, she says.

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