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Lower Silesia. 26 years ago, a man was shot in the neck. Now the prosecution has found the suspect. Grzegorz P. with the charges

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The leader of Silesian criminal groups from the 1990s, Grzegorz P. will be responsible for the crime from 26 years ago, informs the prosecutor’s office. The 51-year-old accuses him of attempting to murder a member of a rival gang. Investigators came up with the solution to this case while conducting other proceedings.

The incident in relation to which Grzegorz P. was accused took place in January 1995 in Germany. During the conversation with two other men, P. – according to the prosecutor’s office – fired a shot with a firearm and wounded Wacław S. The victim was seriously injured in the neck, and his life was in danger.

“In the course of the proceedings conducted by both German and Polish services, it was established that the crime could have been commissioned by members of criminal groups operating in Poland at that time. The proceedings did not lead to the identification of the perpetrators of this crime and in 2011 it was discontinued” – the Press Department of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office reported .


Charges after 26 years

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Prosecutors of the Lower Silesian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław have recently returned to the case.

Effect? As a result of actions taken by prosecutors – together with the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police – in the course of other proceedings, it was established that the shot was fired in 1995 by Grzegorz P., the leader of Silesian criminal groups from the 1990s.

“The prosecutor collected extensive material in the form of examinations of numerous criminal proceedings from that period, testimonies, expert opinions and other evidence that, due to the good of the investigation conducted, cannot be disclosed to the public at the present stage. On this basis, 51-year-old Grzegorz P. the accusation of attempted murder and serious bodily injuries was presented, “the prosecutor’s office reported in its announcement.

Accused of planning an attack on the National Prosecutor

Grzegorz P. was temporarily arrested. He is facing life imprisonment. He was brought from a remand center for questioning at the National Prosecutor’s Office.

As reported by the Press Department of the CUT, in July 2020, the indictment against P. and Bogdan G. was submitted to the District Court in Opole.who – as the investigators found out – planned the murder of the National Prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski and his family. The motive was revenge and the fear that prosecutor Święczkowski would lead one of the prisoners to a life sentence.

“Prosecutor Święczkowski, working in the past at the Organized Crime Department of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice, led to the conviction of Grzegorz P. for aiding and attempting murder. Another case he was conducting for an attempted murder was discontinued when another prosecutor took it over. Grzegorz P. was afraid of taking it while planning the crime “- the prosecutor’s office reported.

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