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Lower Silesia. A dust devil in front of the hotel [WIDEO]

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A huge swirling column of sand passed in front of one of the hotels in Jakuszyce (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). At Kontakt 24 we received a surveillance video showing her. This is the so-called dust devil.

– I received information about this phenomenon from our guest (…) He said that he was caught in a small tornado in front of the hotel – said Mrs. Aleksandra, the hotel owner. – I thought, “there's a camera there, maybe I managed to record it.” Well, I did it! While looking through the materials, I finally found this moment – she said on Friday in an interview with the editorial office of Kontakt 24.

As she said, “later the guy told me that in the recording it looked quite mild, but in fact he had been hit by a few stones and would come out of it with a few bruises.” – I believe him because the car that can also be seen in the video lost one window. It was probably knocked out by these stones, she added.


Dust devil

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The phenomenon visible in the recording is a dust vortex, also called a dust devil. It occurs when dust or sand particles rise above the earth's surface, sometimes together with small objects. It occurs on warm and cloudless days and is favored by dry weather conditions.

A dust devil has the shape of a spinning column, usually of small diameter. A large dust whirlpool, up to several meters wide, may resemble a whirlwind, but it always forms during violent weather, under a storm cloud.

Main photo source: Contact 24/Aleksandra

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