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Lower Silesia. Electric shock and immediate reaction of the neighbor. The camera recorded the rescue operation

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While working with a damaged grinder, the man was electrocuted. The scream was heard by a neighbor who fought for his life for the next 12 minutes. Sam conducts first aid training and has his own AED. – Everyone should be able to give another man a chance – comments Mr. Piotr in an interview with tvn24.pl. He made the recording from his home camera on the Internet.

On July 1, just after 2 p.m., Mr. Paweł, a resident of Uciechów in Lower Silesia, was electrocuted while working with a damaged grinder. He screamed, collapsed to the ground and passed out. The scream was heard, among others, by his neighbor, Piotr Policzkiewicz, a nurse and first aid instructor. Together with his wife, he rushed to help the victim.

“I don’t know if it was a minute or two, all eternity for me”

The moment of the accident and the rescue operation were captured by a surveillance camera placed on Mr. Piotr’s house. The video shows a married couple running up to their lying neighbor, around which the still working grinder bounces. After a while, the nurse’s wife runs to the first aid kit and the AED. She delivers them to her husband. On the video, you can see more neighbors and a bus driver stopping, who also rush to help.

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– The neighbor’s daughter, despite being terrified, kept a cool head and brought the phone, thanks to which we quickly called the emergency services. In the meantime, the neighbor stopped breathing and showed no signs of life. The wife ran for the defibrillator. We did CPR, I used an AED. I don’t know if it was a minute or two, for me it was an eternity, but after a while Paweł started to breathe. A moment later he heard sirens, the police arrived. The stone fell from my heart – Piotr Policzkiewicz told the journalist of tvn24.pl.

About 12 minutes after the accident, the ambulance arrives. At this point, the injured man is already breathing and conscious. Paramedics take him to the hospital for tests, from where he left the same day. Today he is healthy.

Happy coincidence

As reported by Mr. Piotr, the successful rescue operation was to some extent the result of a lucky coincidence. – First, the day before I found out from a neighbor that his grinder was damaged, but he wanted to finish one task and then throw it away. Second, that same day I read an article in an industry magazine on how to deal with an electric shock. Thirdly, we had a defibrillator on hand, in addition, after a whole day of driving, we have just returned home – lists the nurse. His knowledge and many years of experience in working as a nurse and conducting first aid training also turned out to be invaluable.

Jakub Nelle, paramedic and author of the blog “Medical Rescue – we share a common passion”, in an interview with the journalist tvn24.pl emphasizes that the action was carried out in an exemplary manner. – The neighbor who is so well equipped and works lightning fast is a real treasure – he says.

Lifeguard: If it wasn’t for the defibrillator, it could have ended up much worse

Nelle, who watched the recording of the intervention from Uciechów, points out that the AED defibrillator saved the victim’s life and health.

– In 70 percent of cases, its use shortly after the event causes the circulation to return and there is no damage to the brain. In all cardiac arrests, start CPR and seek AED as soon as possible, in the meantime notifying emergency services. Until the arrival of the ambulance service, the defibrillator will guide us with commands. He will tell us what to do and what is the patient’s condition – says the paramedic. – If not for the defibrillator, this accident could have ended much worse – he emphasizes.

– If I did not have a defibrillator, the chances of the victim’s survival would decrease by 7-10 percent every minute – adds Piotr. He points out that he published the video, among other things, to encourage people to find an AED defibrillator in their everyday surroundings and remember its location. “Everyone should be able to give another man a chance,” he says.

CPR buys time

Mr. Paweł was very lucky that when the incident happened, the AED defibrillator was at hand. But what if there was no such device? How to proceed?

– First of all, you need to notify the services and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This will slow down the damage to the body, especially neurological damage, that could occur if resuscitation is not performed. We buy time. By compressing the chest, we maintain the current rhythm disturbance. If we were to do nothing, we would condemn this man to death, his chances of survival would drop dramatically with every minute – explains Jakub Nelle. The rescuer emphasizes that if, apart from notifying the ambulance, one should do nothing, even a rescued patient could, for example, fall into a coma due to a serious neurological defect. – You have to remember that sometimes the ambulance will not come on call, because they are all busy at the moment. Sometimes we have to wait for the arrival of rescuers. Then we have to act alone – he emphasizes.

Nelle urges you to buy your own AED defibrillators. – It would be good if there were such devices in homes as often as possible. Of course, if possible, because it costs from two to four thousand zlotys – he says.

AED defibrillator. What is this?

AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator”. The device can be used even by a layman, because it is equipped with electrodes examining the condition of the injured person and a loudspeaker issuing commands.

A defibrillator is very useful in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. The task of the AED is to systematize the heart rhythm using electrical impulses. However, its use should not be a substitute for CPR or professional medical attention.

Main photo source: Piotr Policzkiewicz

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