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Lower Silesia, Świdnica County. Nandu escaped from the private property. His capture ‘borderlines on a miracle’

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A rhea, a bird resembling an ostrich, escaped from a private property in Świdnica County (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). Although the animal is not dangerous, catching it is an extremely complicated process – it can run extremely fast. The foundation coordinating the action appealed to residents for help.

A week ago, the “great escape” took place in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The bird, from the rhea genus related to ostriches (also called American or Pampas ostriches), escaped from a private breeding farm and has been wandering around the area ever since. The animal is seen in the area of ​​the towns of Gogołów and Jagodnik in Świdnica County, where attempts to catch the animal are ongoing.

Catching ‘borderlines on a miracle’

As Sandra Patataj from the Patataj Sanctuary Foundation, which coordinates the search operation, told TVN24, the Foundation received many votes from local residents. People asked where they should go if they saw a rhea and how they should react. Some feared the animal might be dangerous.

– This is a harmless animal, it copes well – explained the expert. – Catching it in such an open area is almost a miracle, because the rhea can reach a speed of 50 kilometers per hour – added Patataj.

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As she explained, the fugitive is about three years old and weighs 20 kilograms. Although the bird is not aggressive, it can cause a road accident if it runs under the wheels of a car.

“We’ll catch him”, “we’ll take him home”

So far, numerous attempts have been made to capture the rhea, but so far they have been unsuccessful. It will probably be easier to catch the animal at night, but it is impossible without a thermal imaging camera – the Foundation asked local residents to lend it. Patataj added that catching the animal itself would not be a traumatic experience for it.

– We will catch him in a special net, wrap him in a blanket and take him home – she explained.

Traces of rhea in the snowPatataj Animals Sanctuary Foundation

The search for the rheaPatataj Animals Sanctuary Foundation

Main photo source: Patataj Animals Sanctuary Foundation

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