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Lower Silesia, Swietokrzyskie. Exceeded alert levels on rivers. IMGW hydrological alerts of the third, second and first degree

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The water level in several rivers in Lower Silesia and in one river in the Świętokrzyska Land exceeded alarm levels. As explained by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, the situation is related to rainfall. IMGW hydrological alerts of the third, second and first degree are in force.

The third and highest level hydrological warning of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management applies to the voivodeship Świętokrzyskie, the Czarna catchment. As stated in the communiqué, “on Czarna in Januszewice, a further increase in the water level is expected when the alarm level is exceeded, related to further rainwater runoff and forecasted rainfall.” Alerts will be valid until 9am on Sunday.

The state of emergency on Czarna Street in Januszewice on Saturday morning was exceeded by four centimeters and amounted to 404 cm.

The second degree warning is in force in the province of Lublin. As we read in the release, “on the Bug up to the mouth of Uherka, a further increase in the water level is expected, in the Kryłów profile the warning level will be exceeded. In the other profiles, a further increase above the warning level will be observed”. The alert will expire at 10 am on Saturday.

For parts Lower Silesia IMGW has issued first degree hydrological warnings. They concern the catchment area of ​​the left-hand tributaries of the middle Oder and are related to the intense rainfall that occurred in this region.

“Further increases in water levels to the high water zone are expected. On smaller rivers and in urbanized catchments, water levels may increase rapidly” – it was written. It was noted that “in controlled catchments, in the event of particularly intense rainfall, there is a possibility of exceeding the warning levels, and for a short time also the alarm levels (especially in Ostróżna on Witka, Świebodzice on Pełcznica and Szalejów Dolny on Bystrzyca Dusznicka”.

On Saturday morning, on the Skora River at the Zagrodno station, the alert level was exceeded by 40 cm, amounting to 190 cm. On the Kamienica River in Barcinek, the water level was 121 cm (alarm state 110 cm), on Bystrzyca Dusznicka in Szalejów Dolny it reached 194 cm (alarm state 180 cm), and on Ślęża at the Białobrzezie station it was 125 cm (alarm state 120 cm).

On Friday evening, IMGW reported that in the south of the province Dolnośląskie from Thursday, the highest rainfall values ​​were recorded in Walim – 28 liters of water per square meter and Stronie Śląskie – 26.5 l / sqm. There is no heavy rain warning on Saturday.

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