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Lubaczow. A police officer who came to work “after using alcohol” was suspended from her duties, there is also a disciplinary procedure

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An officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubaczów (Podkarpacie) who came to work “after drinking alcohol” was suspended in the performance of her duties. Disciplinary proceedings have also been initiated against the police officer.

Saturday (February 11) a policewoman from the police station in Lubaczów (Podkarpacie) was supposed to come to work “after using alcohol”. The woman came to the station by car.

– At the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubaczów, as part of the supervision, the sobriety of a female officer starting her service was checked. It turned out that the policewoman had a small amount of alcohol in her exhaled air – informed us Bartosz Wilk from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów. The alcohol content tests carried out showed that the policewoman was “after drinking alcohol”, which means that she had between 0.2 and 0.5 per mille of alcohol in her body. The woman’s driving license was suspended, she was not allowed to work that day.

Bartosz Wilk confirmed in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal that the officer who came to work “after drinking alcohol” on Saturday is a spokeswoman for the Lubaczów police.

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The commander suspended the officer, disciplinary proceedings are pending

The commander of the Lubaczów police suspended the officer in the performance of her duties. Disciplinary proceedings are also pending against the police officer. Pursuant to Article 134 of the Police Act, the penalties that may be imposed on an officer are: admonition, reprimand, warning of incomplete suitability for service in the position held, assignment to a lower official position, downgrading of rank and dismissal from service.

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