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Lubań. He paid for his purchases with a banknote marked “souvenir”. The 61-year-old faces up to eight years in prison

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Policemen from Lubań (Lower Silesia) detained a man who paid for his purchases with an imitation of a 200 zloty banknote. Earlier, he was to try to use the banknote marked “souvenir” also at a nearby traffic kiosk. Now the 61-year-old is facing up to eight years in prison.

The man on duty at the Lubań headquarters received a report from the staff of one of the supermarkets about a man who paid for his purchases with a counterfeit banknote. The cashier only realized when the customer was gone.

Obverse of a counterfeit banknotePolice Lubań

– Traffic officers who arrived near the supermarket, arrested the suspect in this case, a man. It was established that the man had tried to pay with counterfeit currency a few minutes earlier at a traffic kiosk as well. The banknotes have been secured – says Justyna Bujakiewicz-Rodzeń, spokeswoman for the police in Lubań.


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Threat of penalty of up to 8 years in prison

On the obverse and the reverse it is clearly stated that the banknote is “not a tender”, but a “souvenir”. The police do not inform whether the man paid with them intentionally. – Unfortunately, I cannot convey the content of the explanations he submitted. The man heard allegations of fraudulent attempts by gaining financial gain, leading another person to unfavorably dispose of the property. For this, he faces up to eight years in prison. The court will decide about his fate – reports Bujakiewicz-Rodzeń.

The reverse of the banknotePolice Lubań

Main photo source: Police Lubań

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