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Lubań. The explorers are digging a tunnel to Kamienna Góra. They want to unravel her mystery

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The underground of Kamienna Góra in Lubań, cut off since the Second World War, may soon reveal its secrets. Over the past few years, history enthusiasts have made various attempts to check the corridors – they even managed to let the camera inside and see their fragments. However, only now, for the first time in 76 years, there is a real chance to dig into undiscovered spaces.

For 10 years, explorers from the Upper Lusatia Enthusiasts Association, together with the Exploration Group of the “Discoverer” monthly (GEMO), have been trying to discover what the undergrounds of Kamienna Góra are hiding. The sketch found in one of the archives suggested that the Germans could have built an air raid shelter there. Another theory is that there are items hidden during the war. There are also hypotheses about a hospital for wounded German soldiers, warehouses, and even about the “Złota Wrocławia” deposit.

In fact, however, it is still uncertain what may actually be inside.


The underground exists

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– There could be anything. In my opinion, the most probable theory is to deposit the Gestapo archives from Krakow there, but it may also contain deposits from local civilians and banks. Initially, we thought that there was an escape tunnel there, but it turned out to be blind, so it was definitely a place where the deposits were deposited – said Andrzej Maciaszczyk, a representative of the Association of Upper Lusatian Enthusiasts.

The bunker has four entrances: two main and two spare. However, they were all secured, blown up and destroyed at the end of the war. A camera was let inside several times. The explorers showed the world that they were right, that the underworld did exist.

– Their excavation requires mining works. The estimated cost of carrying out such works is even about PLN 200,000 – added Łukasz Orlicki from the “Discovery” monthly and the GEMO exploration group.

A dug hole covered with foilKamil Chmura / Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers

They bore the entrance up

Almost a year has passed since Orlicki’s words. At that time, the explorers’ dreams began to take shape. On July 12, perhaps the most exciting stage of work began. Heavy equipment arrived at the scene. The excavator began to dig the slope.

– During the last week we covered a 10-meter stretch through an open ditch. Next, the entrance portal to the interior of the mountain is being built. Drilling of a small-size research adit into the 20-meter-long mountain will begin. Mining carpenters prepared and fitted wooden elements of the portal. They are to stabilize the escarpment and protect the entrance to the interior of the mountain – says Sebastian Terenda, a member of the Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers and the coordinator of the works on site.

Commencement of construction of the tunnel entrance portalKamil Chmura / Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers

Terenda admits that they face only difficulties. He explains that the Germans did not want to destroy the facility, but only to secure its entrances. Therefore, the bulkheads were secured against blowing up. It is estimated that about 100 tons of stone were moved there. Now the collapse will have to be overcome.

– This is an extremely difficult undertaking. I am not surprised that no one has done it before – says the coordinator of activities.

The work would not be possible without financial support. KGHM contributed PLN 100,000 to the project. The city of Lubań donated the same amount. Another 100,000 were made by donors. Three teams work around the clock on site. If nothing bad happens, the entrance to the mountain should be hollowed out by mid-August.

The structure of the entrance portal is made of woodKamil Chmura / Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers

Main photo source: Kamil Chmura / Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers

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