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Lubin, death of 34-year-old Bartosz. Plenipotentiaries: an autopsy took place outside Poland

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The family of 34-year-old Bartosz from Lubin, who died after police intervention, ordered an autopsy of the man outside the country, the representative of the relatives Renata Kolerska informed at a press conference on Thursday. A new recording of the intervention was also shown during the conference.

On August 6, a 34-year-old resident of the city died after a police intervention in Lubin. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin initiated an investigation into the abuse of powers and failure by police officers as well as inadvertent manslaughter of the aggrieved party.


On Wednesday, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław sent a request to the National Prosecutor’s Office to transfer the investigation case outside the Wrocław region. The aim was to avoid possible allegations of the lack of impartiality of the prosecutors conducting the proceedings. By the decision of the Deputy Prosecutor General, Krzysztof Sierak, the proceedings will be continued at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź.

Autopsy of a 34-year-old girl from Lubin outside Poland

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During the press conference on Thursday, the representative of the family of 34-year-old Renata Kolerska said that “the prosecutor’s office has so far made our proceedings extremely difficult”. – We had no access to the file, nor to any information. As soon as the files are transferred to the prosecutor’s office in Łódź, we have full access to the case files. These files are analyzed by us. (…) The family had serious doubts about Bartek’s death – she said.

Prosecutors from Łódź will investigate the death after the intervention of the police in LubinTVN24

Rejected, addicted, harmless. The policemen came to Bartosz, then he was dead

– On behalf of the family, we applied for another post-mortem examination at the forensic medicine facility in Poznań. This application has not been examined so far. On the contrary, we were obliged to justify in writing the need for the next section, explained Kolerska.

– In order to be able to verify the data from the protocols we have for inspection, the family commissioned a post-mortem examination in a forensic medicine institution outside the country. This section was done yesterday. We will wait two weeks for the results, because these are also toxicological tests and tomography – she said. As she added, the funeral of 34-year-old Bartek will take place on Friday in Lubin.

Father of 34-year-old Bartek: for me it was torture with murder

– No witnesses were interviewed, apart from police officers and a paramedic – said Wojciech Kasprzyk, legal advisor. As he added, the second lifeguard, who was in the ambulance at the time, had not yet been questioned. Attorney Kolerska noted that as part of the investigation, the prosecution wanted to question the parents of the 34-year-old.

Dawid Kołodziej, the president of the Psychopedagogical Society, said that a website and a mailbox on the Swiss server had been launched so that people could send information about the death of the 34-year-old anonymously. He also showed a new film in which – as he said – the moment of a police intervention was captured.

– I think you will clearly see that the knee is around the neck. (…) Bartek loses consciousness, he is inert – said Kasprzyk, reporting the recording. As he added, “no one helps him, neither the policemen who are next to him, nor those who stand directly on him, sit and hold him by the legs.”

Father of 34-year-old Bartek from Lubin: for me it was torture with murderTVN24

– For me, it was torture with murder. There was no wise man there to stop it. There were four policemen there and none of them said “stop, let’s stop beating him or let’s do a resuscitation” – said Bogdan Sokołowski, the father of the deceased, during the conference. As he added, “It was my son, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone else being treated like that.”

Main photo source: Marlena Najman

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