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Lubin, Traugutt Street. The man died after the police intervention, there will be an investigation by the prosecutor’s office

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The prosecutor’s office will explain how the man died, against whom police officers from Lubin (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) intervened. In the video of the man’s arrest – which was published on the Internet – you can see how officers try to overpower him and put him in a police car. He breaks out and screams, and at some point loses consciousness. “There are ongoing activities to determine the course of the intervention” – informs the Lower Silesian police.

According to the press office of the Lower Silesian police, on Friday, August 6, at around 6 a.m., officers from Lubin received a report about a man who was supposed to run along one of the city streets and throw stones at the windows of buildings. “The incident was reported by a woman who said that the perpetrator was her son who abused drugs,” we read in the police statement.

“He did not obey orders, he struggled and struggled”

The uniforms went to Traugutta Street. There – as they report – they found a man who was supposed to be “very aggressive and not exaggerated”. The man was not supposed to respond to commands. Eventually, the officers “used stunting holds and handcuffs due to the man’s irrational behavior.” This, however, they say, did not reassure him. “The man continued to disobey his orders, struggling and struggling. Considering his aggressive behavior and reasonable suspicion that he might be under the influence of drugs, additional officers were called to prevent the escalation of the situation, and an ambulance service with rescuers “- informs the Lower Silesian police in its announcement. What happened during the police intervention can be seen in the video – posted on the Internet – made from the windows of a nearby building. First, for a few minutes the policemen try to incapacitate the man who is lying on the ground. He screams and leaps away. The two functionaries are joined by another, as well as a man in a white sweatshirt with a backpack (probably a plainclothes policeman). The four of them bend over the still screaming and lying on the ground. They try to overwhelm him. After a while, they transfer the man to the police car. However, they fail to put him there. The man is lying on the street, next to the police car, and the policemen are still bending over him. At some point, she stops screaming and breaking free. He loses consciousness.

Police: died two hours after being taken to hospital

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The man was transported to the hospital, where he was to be sent to a hospital emergency department. Two hours later, police officers were informed of his death. The Lower Silesian Police informs that the prosecutor’s office was immediately notified of the entire incident, which, in accordance with the applicable procedures, initiated an investigation into the matter.

“The control unit of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław was also notified. Actions are underway to determine the course of the intervention” – emphasized in the release.

Piotr Borys, MP from the Civic Coalition took the floor on social media. – From the first information I got from the hospital, it is not true that this young person died in the hospital. The death took place in an ambulance. We do not know what is the cause, we do not know if the proper methods of direct coercion were used. A tragedy has happened that absolutely needs explaining – said Boris. And he announced talks with police representatives.

Lower Silesian Police, PAP, twitter.com

Main photo source: YouTube.com

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