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Lublin. 42-year-old arrested for attack with a hammer on Christmas Day

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42-year-old Krzysztof P. will spend the next three months in custody. The prosecutor’s office accuses him of attempted murder with a hammer on Christmas Day in Lublin. The man allegedly attacked his girlfriend’s friend and “repeatedly” hit the 67-year-old in the head with a hammer.

According to Assistant Commissioner Kamil Gołębiowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin, late on Christmas Day a 67-year-old man with blood and a head wound reported to the police station.

Police: He was repeatedly struck in the head with a hammer

“He stated that while visiting the 43-year-old woman, he was attacked by her boyfriend who came to the apartment. The perpetrator allegedly hit him in the head multiple times with a hammer,” Gołębiowski said. He added that there were also other people in the apartment.

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He attacked his partner’s friend with a hammer KMP Lublin

He will be charged with attempted murder

The police located the aggressor, who turned out to be 42-year-old Krzysztof P., and placed him in a police cell. Then they took him to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, where he was charged with attempted murder. The court decided to place him under temporary arrest. The man faces life imprisonment.

Main photo source: KMP Lublin

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