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Lublin. A retired couple outsmarted the fake policemen. They were red-handed

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Someone said over the phone that he was a policeman and that the retirement couple’s savings were at risk and had to be handed over to the officers. A married couple from Lublin did not believe this story from the beginning, but they did not let it be known. In the end, real policemen notified of the case set up an ambush and caught two 37-year-olds who would answer for the fraud.

A man called a couple of pensioners from Lublin, introducing himself as a policeman. He said their savings were at risk and their apartment was robbed. He recommended that they should give the police their savings.

– They were distrustful from the beginning, but did not show it. During the conversation, they agreed to give the “policemen” 20,000 zlotys. At the same time, they came in contact with the family and the district officer, informing them on an ongoing basis about subsequent calls – says Commissioner Kamil Gołębiowski from the City Police Headquarters in Lublin.

The detained men are residents of WarsawLublin Police

The police organized an ambush

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He adds that thanks to the attitude of retirees, it was possible to organize an ambush and detain the suspects red-handed when they appeared in front of the block to collect money.

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– As it turned out, two residents of Warsaw at the age of 37 had more crimes under their belt – the policeman points out.

They were arrested for three months

The uniforms linked them with other frauds that took place in Lublin.

The police also linked them to other frauds that took place in LublinLublin Police

– One of the men heard three charges and the other four. Their loot was about 100,000 zlotys – says Commander Gołębiowski.

The 37-year-olds have already been arrested by a court decision for three months. They face up to eight years in prison for fraud.

The 37-year-olds were detained in Lublin

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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