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Lublin. CzarnekTeam. Billboard campaign supporting the minister of education, Przemysław Czarnek

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Billboards supporting the activities of the Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek, can be seen in Lublin. – This is not an official campaign of the ministry – says Radosław Brzózka, the head of his political cabinet. But this is not the only campaign devoted to the minister in this city.

A photo of a roadside billboard showing the smiling face of the minister of education and science, Przemysław Czarnek, appeared online on Monday, September 6. On the Wykop portal, which was used, among others, for link aggregation, and on Twitter, one could see a billboard supporting the minister with the slogan “Parents with Czarnek. Nothing at school without the parents’ knowledge”. None of the entries about the action contained information where the billboards with this content would be hung.

There were two hashtags on the poster: #CzarnekTeam and # WolnaSzkoła. There was an asterisk next to the latter, which explained that it was a “school free from ideologization”. Both slogans had functioned in the media before, but in completely different contexts.

Who is in Czarnek’s team?

#CzarnekTeam has so far been used in social media by the minister’s closest associates, also when he was still the Lublin voivode. Jakub Koper, a social advisor to the minister, Wojciech Kondrat – director of the Department of Scientific Programs and Investments at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Radosław Brzózka, head of the political office of minister Czarnek, also provided their entries with it.

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That is why we asked Radosław Brzózka whether the billboards from #CzarnekTeam are the official campaign of the ministry. – This is not an official campaign of the ministry – assured the head of the cabinet. Additionally, he explained: – #CzarnekTeam has been used by supporters of the minister, both professionally related and unrelated. He probably appeared for the first time at Czarnek Tweetup, a meeting in Lublin, which in December 2016 gathered a large group of Przemysław Czarnek’s supporters.

I also asked Brzózka about the possible location of the posters, because no one signed them (apart from “normal parents with a normal school”), they do not refer to any website, and the hashtag refers only to Czarnek’s co-workers in social media. In response, the head of the cabinet confirmed their existence: – There are several of them in Lublin. One has been drenched with paint, but has already been “refreshed” – he informed.

Our readers also began to confirm the existence of posters. They gave us another photo of the billboard.

Campaign supporting minister Czarnek in the streets of Lublinprivate archive

Free school, or what?

But let’s go back to the second hashtag. “Free School” is a slogan that a coalition of several dozen non-governmental organizations opposed to the reforms proposed by the minister began to use just before the beginning of the school year.

What school are they fighting for? “We want a school that puts pupils and pupils at the center: their rights and needs, dreams and ideas. A modern, civic and democratic school. Friendly to young people, their parents, teachers and teachers. and prepares for living in the modern world. It develops key competences, and not only transmits disconnected messages on various subjects “- explain the social activists.

On Tuesday, the creators of the “Free School” campaign referred in social media to the campaign supporting Czarnek, writing, inter alia: “We are glad that we got the point of agreement with #CzarnekTeam – we fully agree with the opinion that the school is not free under the leadership of Minister Czarnek. from ideologization “.

Earlier, in early August, the Democracy Action launched a poster campaign against the minister (today one of the organizations supporting the “Free School” campaign). At the beginning of August, activists hung billboards with the slogan #CzarnekOUT in Szczecin, Rzeszów and in the minister’s hometown – Lublin (nine of them were hung here). – These billboards are intended to cheer people whom Czarnek discriminates against, attacks and for whom his rule in the Ministry of Education and Science is a nightmare – argued the initiators of the campaign.

They were criticized by Minister Czarnek. – This is primarily an action aimed at children. I am a politician and I am used to being treated like this. On the other hand, the fact that children are used for political attacks, hate, even in the middle of summer holidays, is a scandal that has not been seen in Poland so far. It is worth opposing it. All possible boundaries have been exceeded – he commented on the action in an interview with the portal wPolityce.


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Main photo source: private archive

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