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Lublin. Failure at the Bogdanka mine. The deputy submits a notification to the prosecutor’s office. Company statement

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The Higher Mining Authority confirms that a failure occurred in the coal mine in Bogdanka and the excavation in the Stefanów field was flooded, a TVN24 reporter found out. Work at this site has been suspended. For how long and what losses will the state-owned company incur due to the failure? On Thursday, the management board of Lubelski Węgiel posted a statement on the company’s website. There are no answers to these questions in it.

– The only official information we have obtained comes from the State Mining Authority. We know that there was indeed flooding and that the water is still pouring. Employees of the District Mining Office are working on the spot, conducting the investigation – Bartłomiej Ślak reported on Thursday morning on TVN24.

The reporter informed that the works in the Stefanów excavation may be suspended for several months due to the failure. – According to our information, the excavation in the Stefanów field pours up to five cubic meters of water per minute, which is a lot. According to our information, there may be a break in production from four to six months. This would mean huge financial losses for the Bogdanka mine – reported TVN24 reporter.

Failure in the coal mine in Bogdanka in Lublin TVN24

The MP wanted to inspect the operation of the mine, and announced that she would report the case to the Supreme Audit Office and the prosecutor’s office

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On Wednesday (February 15), Marta Wcisło, MP from the Civic Coalition, organized a press conference in front of Bogdanka. The reason was supposed to be irregularities which, according to the MP’s words, are to take place in the mine. Wcisło informed that she wanted to meet the company’s management board to personally ask about the current situation in the mine in Lublin.

– I prepared 18 questions and wanted to meet the board of Bogdanka, unfortunately no one came to me – she commented. – I wanted to ask the management board of Bogdanka why it is concealing and concealing from the shareholders and the public the fact that once again the wall was tightened and the pillar was broken, which consequently led to the intrusion of water – she said.

She also reminded that on February 1, she wanted to carry out a parliamentary inspection in the Lublin company and to this day she has not received answers to the questions asked at that time. Now the management has not come to her. This is why – as she informed – she decided to report to the Supreme Audit Office and the prosecutor’s office about preventing her from performing tasks under the Act on the performance of the mandate of a deputy and senator.

On Thursday, in an interview with a TVN24 reporter, MP Wcisło confirmed that she had filed a notification in this case with the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin that day.

MP Marta Wcisło on the failure of the Bogdanka mine in LublinTVN24

The president commented on Twitter

The mine management did not meet with the MP on Wednesday. The president of the company Kasjan Wyligała referred to the MP’s speech on Twitter. “This is how the political chutzpah of politicians of the Civic Platform ends. The miners will once again not fall for the empty words and promises of the Civic Platform. Bogdanka is the pearl of the Lublin region, we are transforming it into a strong concern that already determines Poland’s energy security,” he wrote.

In turn, Michał Moskal, head of the President’s office Jarosław Kaczyńskidirector of the presidency office PIS wrote on Facebook: “We are doing everything possible to make Lubelski Węgiel a driving force for the economy of our region. This is the return of the company under the wings of the State Treasury, a multi-vector development strategy and a decisive cut off of influence AFTER for the best mine in Poland.

Until the publication of this text on the website of Lubelski Węgiel SA on Thursday, there was still no statement on the recent events in Bogdanka. Marcin Kujawiak, Chief Specialist for Corporate Communication Lubelski Węgiel SA did not answer the phone from us. We have sent questions by e-mail, waiting for a reply.

Failure in the coal mine in Bogdanka in Lublin TVN24

Statement of Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka

On Thursday afternoon, the company finally posted a statement on its website, in which it informs that “at the beginning of February, it started work in the wall 3/VII/385, which was tightened in September last year and for which actions were taken to restore operation” .

“Due to the complicated geological situation and due to the awareness of the possibility of materializing the risks identified by the Company in this area, the operation of this longwall was planned and carried out for the first month in the trial start-up regime” – it was written. – “In recent days, the key risks that were taken into account in the scenario analysis prepared for the Company’s needs have materialized. Therefore, the Technical Board, after consulting representatives of the Central Mining Institute, decided to suspend further exploitation of this longwall due to the risk of underground water flooding. In an extreme case, this could preclude further exploitation of the lower seams 389 and 391 in the entire southern part of the Puchaczów V mining area. As a result, it could drastically reduce the industrial resources planned for mining in the future.

In the statement, the company denies “at the same time the information that the situation requires the presence of rescue teams from the Company or rescuers from any Mining Rescue Station at the place of operation”.

“At the same time, the Management Board would like to thank the entire staff of Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka for the hard work put in, because the strength of the Company has always been people who treat this company as their own” – it was written. – “The start of the test operation of the longwall in question in February allows the Company to manage the longwall run schedule so that the production plan (8.3 million tons of commercial coal) announced in September last year in Current Report No. 21/2022 is not at risk. Hydrogeological difficulties that occurred on longwall 3/VII/385, do not translate directly into the entire production planned for the current year LW Bogdanka returns to operating on average three to four longwalls per year and thus, to a certain extent, it can flexibly respond to market needs or encountered geological and mining conditions, as is the case in this situation”.

The company also informs in a statement that “the mine is currently conducting fully effective longwall mining in the Bogdanka and Nadrybie Fields, and another one is planned to be launched this month in the Stefanów Field”.

This was not the first failure

This is another such failure at the Bogdanka mine in Lublin. A similar incident happened in September 2020. After this event, the then president of the board and people responsible for production lost their positions.

Main photo source: TVN24

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