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Lublin. Failure in Bogdanka? MP speaks of “wall tightening” and “water intrusion”

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According to the local portal, there was supposed to be a failure on one of the walls in the coal mine in Bogdanka in Lublin. – There is no mining, the galleries have been flooded – said the member of the Civic Coalition Marta Wcisło during a conference organized on Wednesday in front of the mine.

MP Marta Wcisło informed that the reason for her speech was the information about another tightening of the wall in the mine, which was supposed to cause water to enter the excavations and stop mining.

– I prepared 18 questions and wanted to meet the management board of Bogdanka, unfortunately no one from Bogdanka came to me – she commented. – I wanted to ask the management board of Bogdanka why it is concealing and concealing from shareholders and the public the fact that once again the wall was tightened, which consequently led to water intrusion – she said.

She reported that on Saturday the miners rushed to help to save the wall and pump out the water. “No one from the board has come downstairs so far,” she said.

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The mine management did not meet with the MP on Wednesday. There is no statement on this on the company’s website.

The president of Bogdanka comments

The president of Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka SA Kasjan Wyligała referred to the case and the speech of MP Marta Wcisło on Twitter. “This is how the political chutzpah of politicians of the Civic Platform ends. The miners will once again not fall for the empty words and promises of the Civic Platform. Bogdanka is the pearl of the Lublin region, we are transforming it into a strong concern that already determines Poland’s energy security,” he wrote.

“Miners are fighting with the water that entered the excavations on Saturday”

The Tuba Łęczna portal also wrote about the case. On Monday (February 13) he informed that the editorial office had received a signal “about another tightening of the wall on Bogdanka”.

“Miners in the Stefanów field are fighting with the water that entered the excavations on Saturday.” “On Sunday, Bogdanka was mobilized and anyone alive was called for help. Apparently ‘there is no catastrophe’, but there are difficulties. And the intrusion of water into mining excavations is a serious and disturbing matter” – we read on the portal.

The portal, referring to its findings, states that “downstairs it is wet, full of splashing dirty slush and the water was standing in the ditches where the queues run”.

The editors reminded that the clamping of longwall 3/VII/385, launched on August 31 last year, was due to a sudden increase in operating pressure in the longwall. This geological problem had a severe impact on the production capacity and results of the mine, and the president, Artur Wasil, lost his position.

“The mine developed a recovery plan aimed at fully restoring production from this longwall, which just seemed to be coming to an end. On Saturday, water entered the excavations” – we read on the portal.

Main photo source: photo: Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” SA

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