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Lublin. Fearing for her life, she jumped out of the window. A 27-year-old man charged with attempted murder of his partner

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The Lublin-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office accused Sebele T., a 27-year-old citizen of Zimbabwe, of attempting to murder his partner. The man accused her of cheating. According to the investigators, he first beat the woman, and when she tried to escape, he closed the door of the apartment and tried to stab her with a knife. She jumped from the second floor to save herself.

The District Court in Lublin received an indictment against Sebele T., who the investigators accuse of violating the woman’s bodily integrity, violating the functions of her body organ and attempted murder.

The Lublin-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office established that he was a citizen of Zimbabwe rented an apartment in Lublin with his partner – also a citizen of Zimbabwe. On the morning of November 11, 2022, he returned home to find the woman with another man, whom he began beating with his fists.

“There was a struggle between the men,” the indictment said, adding that the woman pulled her partner away, allowing the other man to escape.

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Prosecutor’s office: he found a knife and started threatening to kill her

The attacker – the prosecutor’s office indicated – “accusing his partner of treason, began to hit her with his fists on the face and the whole body”, and also hit her on the head with a glass bottle.

“The woman managed to open the door and run into the corridor, but the man caught her and dragged her into the apartment. Then he closed the door with the key and put it in his pocket” – the findings of the event were reported.

The attacker reportedly stabbed the victim with a fork. He then found a knife and “began to threaten her with death and, holding it in his outstretched hand, moved towards her.”

Fearing for her life, she jumped out of the window

“Then the victim, fearing for her own life, opened the window and jumped out of the apartment on the second floor” – investigators determined, pointing out that as a result of the fall, the woman suffered numerous fractures, including displaced multi-fragment fracture of the pelvic bone.

On the same day, the prosecutor’s office said, Sebele T. was detained and then placed in pre-trial detention.

Sebele T. was charged with attempted murder of his partner KWP Lublin

He is facing life imprisonment

The investigation showed that on October 31 of the same year, Sebele T. hit his partner in the face with his open palm. He had not been punished before. Prosecutors wrote in the indictment that the suspect denied beating the victim and threatening to kill her. As he stated, the victim herself tried to jump out of the window when he told her that he was leaving her.

According to the suspect, the woman fell to the floor, injuring herself with a glass bottle as he tried to pull her partner away from the window. Then – explained Sebele T. – she tried to hit him with an “unspecified object”.

The 27-year-old faces life in prison for attempted murder.

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Main photo source: KWP Lublin

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