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Lublin. Garage fire in Biedronka. Puffs of black smoke billow from the building

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On Saturday afternoon, in the underground garage of a supermarket chain store at ul. Hutnicza in Lublin, a fire broke out. 11 fire engines arrived at the scene. There is a lot of smoke.

– We received the notification at 14.51. The fire broke out in the underground garage of Biedronka at Hutnicza Street – says Staff Assistant Krzysztof Muszyński from the position of the Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service in Lublin.

We got a recording of the fire on Kontakt24. You can see that billows of black smoke are coming out of the garage.

There are 11 fire engines on site. There are no injured people

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– The smoke is really very big. 11 fire engines were dispatched to the spot. They have special venting equipment with them. The fire is not under control yet, the firefighter said.

When asked if the car caught fire, he said that the source of the fire has not yet been determined.

“There are no casualties, however,” said Lt. pcs. Muszyński.

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