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Lublin. “Gazeta Wyborcza”: the head of the prosecutor’s office defended the brother of commander Szymczyk in the case of the VAT carousel

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“According to the prosecutor’s office, the brother of Jarosław Szymczyk, the chief of police, is a member of an organized criminal group that robs the state on a large scale with a VAT carousel,” writes “Gazeta Wyborcza”. As the daily adds, “the head of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin intervened” to Łukasz Sz. he was not arrested. On Monday, the prosecutor’s office referred to the publication of “GW”.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Łukasz Sz. runs enterprises in Warsaw and Silesia. “Amples is a company from Kleszczów in Silesia, which deals with trade, runs, among others, a warehouse. In turn, the company Art Technologies is registered in the capital and trades in IT and computer equipment. Both companies import goods, among others from China” – describes the diary.

The information from “Election” shows that the services were interested in Łukasz Sz.’s business before his brother became the chief of police. “But companies were seriously scrutinized two years ago, after the arrest of Arkadiusz K., an entrepreneur from Silesia and a good friend of Łukasz Sz.” – we read.

Arkadiusz K. – writes “GW” – is associated with at least 20 companies. His companies “imported goods from China on a large scale, which were then to be sent, among others, to Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.” “The classic large-scale roller called the VAT carousel. Goods, i.e. electronics, clothes, household appliances, RTV, are assumed to leave our country, and the buyer receives them tax refund VAT. Depending on the assortment, from 7 to 23 percent. its value goes back to his account. In fact, one company sells electronics to the other, the third, the third to the fourth, the fourth to the fifth, etc. In order to confuse the trail and so that no one can figure it out, “the informant explained to “Wyborcza”.

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General Jaroslaw SzymczykLeszek Szymanski/PAP

“Gazeta Wyborcza” about the charges against the commandant’s brother

The case of the VAT carousel was to be dealt with about two years ago by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin and the Lublin Central Police Investigation Bureau. “As a result, Arkadiusz K., described by investigators as the brain of the entire VAT operation, was arrested at the beginning of last year. The charge – leadership in an organized criminal group. Then the investigators charged more people,” the newspaper writes.

As the investigation progressed, the detainees were to choose to cooperate. “This is also why the investigation into the VAT carousel was still going forward. Eventually, the services became interested in Łukasz Sz’s companies.” – pointed out “GW”.

The source of the journal said that “the suspects in the case of the VAT carousel were more and bolder to quote the investigators the words of Łukasz Sz., who guaranteed them that the case had a protective umbrella at the very top of the police. recordings from companies and warehouses.

According to the informant, there was a “strange atmosphere” about the case for some time. “We seem to have a bomb, but we know who is involved in it, so it’s probably better to let go of this thread of the carousel. As a result, the stories of ‘entrepreneurs’ were not included in the investigation files at all. But until the case of Łukasz Sz.’s participation in the VAT carousel it started beating harder and harder, the officers, writing down their statements, started disconnecting their computers from the network, so that their colleagues behind the wall could not immediately learn their content” – he said.

Intervention of the head of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin

In November last year, the prosecutor’s office in Lublin was to charge Sz. five charges. “The most serious are participation in a criminal group, money laundering, forgery of VAT invoices and fraud regarding property of significant value. It is known that two of his companions were arrested along with Łukasz Sz. One of them has four charges, the other – three “- writes “Wyborcza “.

All three – according to “GW” – were detained on November 22. “Two days later, the prosecutor’s office asked the court to arrest them for three months. Unexpectedly, however, the judge of the District Court in Lublin, Wojciech Smoluchowski, did not agree to this,” we read. In the case of Łukasz Sz. this decision was justified by the fact that his place of detention “may have serious consequences for the suspect and the family”, while in the case of the other two men it was indicated that the prosecutor’s office “did not show in any way that the suspects could obstruct the proceedings” at large.

At the turn of November and December, the prosecutor in charge of the case appealed against the decision to the District Court in Lublin. At this stage, the head of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, Jerzy Ziarkiewicz, was to intervene. “He ordered the prosecutor dealing with the case to withdraw Łukasz Sz’s files from the application for re-arrest. He did not give reasons. The prosecutor absolutely did not agree to this. When Ziarkiewicz pressed, the prosecutor demanded a written order. As a result, he received it, and the trace of this decision must have been remain in the prosecutor’s handbook” – says the informant of “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

“Thanks to Ziarkiewicz, the decision to remain free of the police chief’s brother became final on December 6. The District Court in Lublin will deal with the arrest of Łukasz Sz.’s associates on Wednesday, January 18,” adds author Jacek Brzuszkiewicz.

“GW” draws attention to the figure of prosecutor Ziarkiewicz. “Before 2015, he was a private investigator at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość. (…) During the ‘good change’, he quickly became the head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość, and soon after, the head of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, “he describes. As he adds, “since then, investigations that were inconvenient for PiS began to come to Lublin.”

Explosion at the Police Headquarters

On this occasion, “Wyborcza” recalls the recent explosion at the Police Headquarters. One of them was about to explode grenade launchers, which commander Szymczyk brought to Poland from Ukraine. “I was convinced that the commander-in-chief would lose his job after the outbreak of the international grenade launcher scandal, and the investigation into the VAT carousel would go ahead. an absolutely irresistible person,” says the newspaper’s informant.

“There are many indications that the same may be true of some of the heroes of the investigation into the VAT carousel, where the state treasury lost millions of zlotys. That’s why we couldn’t be silent and told about its backstage” – explains the source of “GW”.

Prosecutor’s response

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin referred to the publication of “Gazeta Wyborcza” on Monday. “Today’s publication of Gazeta Wyborcza entitled ‘Prosecutor’s office protects the commander’s brother’ contains false information suggesting non-substantive motives for withdrawing from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin a complaint against the decision of the District Court in Lublin not to arrest one of the suspects detained in the case of an organized criminal group extorting VAT“- wrote the prosecutor’s office.

The statement stated that in November 2022, at the request of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, CBŚP officers detained three people in an investigation into an organized criminal group fraudulently VAT. “After presenting the charges, the prosecutor applied to the District Court in Lublin for the temporary arrest of all three suspects. The court did not take into account the prosecutor’s requests for pre-trial detention. As for the two suspects, the court stated that there was no fear that the suspects would obstruct the proceedings while staying in freedom, and with regard to the third suspect, he indicated the premise specified in Article 259 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, arguing that, given the oncological disease of the person closest to the suspect, his arrest would have extremely severe consequences for him and that person” – added.

“Taking into account the court’s arguments regarding the illness of the person closest to the suspect, for which the defense lawyers presented the documentation only during the hearing on the examination of the application for pre-trial detention, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, guided by the principles of humanitarianism, withdrew from filing a complaint about the lack of arrest against this suspect ” – emphasized.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin appealed for “not to reproduce untrue information suggesting the non-substantive background of the prosecutor’s decision not to appeal the court’s decision on the lack of pre-trial detention issued on the basis of Article 259 of the Code of Criminal Procedure”.

At the same time, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin stated that all charges presented to the suspects detained on November 21, 2022 are valid, and the prosecutor’s office is taking steps to end the proceedings by submitting an indictment.

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