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Lublin. In a parcel from the USA, they found a large shell of a protected species of snail. She was confiscated

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It is over 20 centimeters long and was supposed to be delivered to the recipient in the Lublin Voivodeship. A shell in a package from the United States was found by officers of the customs department in Lublin. It belongs to the great snail, it is a protected species of snail.

On Tuesday (March 7), officers of the Postal Customs Department in Lublin inspected one of the parcels sent in the United States. It turned out that inside there was an impressive, over 20-centimeter, shell.

The shell is over 20 centimeters Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin

It’s a giant conch shell

“It belongs to the species of the giant conch (Strombus gigas), protected under the Washington Convention (CITES)” – we read in the communiqué of the Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin.

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It is a snail found in the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Antilles and on the east coast of South America, as far as Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for its beautiful shell.

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It belongs to a protected species of snailTax Administration Chamber in Lublin

The shipment was to be delivered to the recipient in the Lublin Voivodeship. She was confiscated.

Fines and even imprisonment

The Tax Administration reminds that the Washington Convention aims to protect wild populations of animals and plants in danger of extinction. Its provisions govern international trade in such species, both in live specimens and in their parts and derivatives.

“Importation from third countries into the European Union or export from the European Union of CITES specimens is possible on the basis of previously issued permits and certificates. Lack of such documents during transport results in the obligatory confiscation of CITES specimens, a fine, and even imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years” – says the IAS in Lublin.

Main photo source: Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin

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