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Lublin. Passengers traveled with a kettle of boiling water under their feet. WARS about the consequences towards the employee

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A WARS service employee on an Intercity train who boiled water to prepare coffee and tea in the passenger compartment, under the passengers’ feet, explained to his superiors. The company called his behavior “extremely inappropriate”, took consequences against him and conducted a warning conversation. As there were no complaints about him before, he did not lose his job. One of the Internet users informed us about the incident by writing to Kontakt 24.

The incident occurred on November 5 on the Intercity 25100 Kujawiak train running between Bydgoszcz and Chełm. An Internet user informed us about the incident via Kontakt 24.

As she said, despite the crowd in the train, WARS staff boiled water to sell coffee and tea on the floorunder the passengers’ feet.

– On the route in Lublin, a boy in an apron fell into the carriage PKP Wars, threw his backpack on the floor in the disabled compartment, put an electric kettle under the seat of one of the passengers, turned it on and left. During this time, the passenger unplugged the kettle to connect it to charge her phone. Later, a gentleman in an apron came back, without saying anything, disconnected her phone and plugged the kettle back in, the woman reported.

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The passenger asked the service man why he was boiling a kettle full of water between passengers, and what if the boiling water spilled on people sitting in the compartment. – Then I heard that if I didn’t like it, I should get out of here – she described.

The woman was outraged by the situation. – I think this is incomprehensible absurdity. I don’t know if it’s standard nowadays to treat passengers this way. This should be condemned. We are in the 21st century, we are in the European Union, and here it is worse than in a circus, she said.

Boiling water for tea at the railway stationContact 24/Internet user

WARS takes consequences

The employee’s behavior also angered the WARS company. – Such behavior by an employee is unacceptable and strictly prohibited. The employee did not comply with the company’s health and safety standards and regulations. Therefore, after receiving the e-mail, our customer service department first initiated an explanatory procedure – said Grzegorz Bębenek, chief marketing specialist. He emphasized that the company was waiting for explanations from the employee.

On Friday (November 17), he said that the employee visible in the recording described his version of events and consequences were brought against him.

As he emphasized, “employees are the showcase of WARS and any inappropriate behavior reduces satisfaction with the services provided.” – The employee’s non-compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and fire safety regulations was extremely inappropriate – he pointed out and said that “due to the good assessment of the employee (…), in addition to drawing appropriate consequences, an instructional and warning conversation was also conducted with the employee.”

However, he did not specify what consequences he was talking about.

– The employee’s contract was not terminated, so he remained in his position – said Bębenek.

As he said, so far WARS has not received any complaints from other passengers of this train about the inappropriate behavior of this employee.

He also recalled that in trains (TLK and IC) without a catering car, mobile sales are carried out on designated sections using a mini-bar cart, and “water is boiled at stopping stations in appropriate rooms.”

Main photo source: Contact 24/Internet user

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