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Lublin. Proceedings in the matter of training in defense at the employment office, discontinued. Reason: no criminal record

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There were shots and shouts, and some officials had to kneel by the wall – this was the anti-terrorist training at the Provincial Labor Office in Lublin. Terrified officials called the police. Not everyone knew that these were just exercises. The case was referred to the prosecutor’s office. Investigators concluded that the crime had not happened. The case was discontinued.

At the beginning of April with the editorial office Contact 24 An anonymous employee of the Provincial Labor Office in Lublin contacted him and told him about the anti-terrorist training that took place there on March 31.

He stated that “attackers” entered the building, who made officials kneel by the wall for an hour and a half, intimidated them, pulled them out of the crowd, took personal items and used vulgar language towards them.

“People who did not know about the training barricaded themselves in their rooms and wrote desperate texts to the family”

As the man said, the information about the training was provided in a laconic e-mail, and some people did not know about it at all.

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– The mail was structured in such a way that they informed us about postage stamps to save, parking spaces and finally the degree of BRAVO, which was introduced in the country and therefore anti-terrorist training will be possible in selected institutions – he reported.

He added that rifle shots could be heard in the building. – People who did not know about the training barricaded themselves in the rooms and wrote desperate texts to the family – he was indignant.

A police patrol was sent to the scene

Some also called the emergency number.

– We informed them that training was being carried out at the office, because we had known about it before. Due to the fact that there were several such signals – and there were also reports of shots – a police patrol was immediately sent to the site – spokesman for the Provincial Police Commander Andrzej Fijołek said in an interview with tvn24.pl in April.

The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation

The prosecutor’s office also took an interest in the case and initiated an investigation.

– Proceedings are conducted towards failure to fulfill obligations, forcing to certain behaviors and exposure to the risk of loss of health or life. Each of these crimes is punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment – prosecutor Agnieszka Kępka, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, told us.

The prosecutor’s office discontinued the proceedings. She did not find a crime committed LUKASZ KACZANOWSKI / POLSKA PRESS / Polska Press / East News

Some were ordered to kneel. There were also shots from bang weapons

On the other hand, Robert Polak – the owner of the Borsuk company, which conducted the training – admitted that some officials were taken as hostages.

– We had some people kneeling, others – when we were moving from one place to another – we put bags over their heads. There were also shots from bangs and shouts – he said.

When asked how long staff had to kneel in the corridor, he said it was a maximum of half an hour. – The simulation itself lasted over an hour and a half and covered the entire office building – emphasized the Pole.

Prosecutor’s Office: no crime

After questioning several dozen people (including the office management and representatives of the company conducting the training), the prosecutor’s office discontinued the proceedings. She did not find a crime committed either by the office management or by representatives of the company that conducted the training.

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– The training was conducted on the basis of applicable regulations, about which the employees were informed. Of course, without giving any details on how to carry it out. The nature of the training forced such a way of communicating with employees – now prosecutor Kępka is saying.

He adds that the company that conducted the training previously informed the relevant services about this fact.

– There was also a psychologist and a paramedic on the spot – emphasizes the prosecutor.

He emphasizes that although the prosecutor’s office did not find any signs of a crime in this case, anyone who believes that their personal rights have been violated may file a civil lawsuit or demand that certain persons be brought under service.

Main photo source: LUKASZ KACZANOWSKI / POLSKA PRESS / Polska Press / East News

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