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Lublin, Subcarpathian and Lesser Poland councilors resign from “anti-LGBT resolutions”. MP writes about “sad day”

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17 councilors were in favor, four were against, and 10 abstained – the sejmik of the Lublin voivodeship made a decision on the so-called anti-LGBT resolution. Now the resolution is talking about the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. There is not a word about LGBT ideology in it. Also, the sejmik of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship on Monday repealed its position of May 2019 on the “promotion and affirmation of the ideology of the so-called LGBT movements”. At the same time, he adopted a new position entitled “Podkarpacie as a region of settled tolerance”. The resolution was also revoked by Małopolska councilors.

“The Seymik of the Lubelskie Voivodeship expresses its opposition to the emerging in the public sphere activities aimed at promoting the ideology of LGBT movements, the goals of which violate fundamental rights and freedoms, guaranteed in acts of international law, question the values ​​protected in the Polish Constitution, and interfere with the autonomy of religious communities” – this is the first sentence of the position adopted on April 25, 2019 by the sejmik of the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

The resolution was changed on Monday. There is not a word about LGBT in it anymore.

The aftermath of the letter sent by the deputy minister

Local governments passed resolutions against “LGBT ideology” in 2019tvn24

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The resolution passed 17 votes for, 4 against and 10 abstentions. Voting on him was the aftermath of the letter that Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda sent in September to local governmentswhich adopted resolutions opposing “LGBT ideology”. The deputy minister asked for “verification of the legislation” and removal of elements that could discriminate or be “badly received” from the resolutions.

Letters were posted after The European Commission sent a letter to the authorities of five Polish regionswhich adopted such resolutions, stressing the importance of the response to the “formal notice”. The European Commission gave these voivodships time to respond by mid-September, while suspending talks with them about the disbursement of funds from the REACT-EU program. It was about billions of euros from the EU budget.

The KO councilor called for the previous resolution to be repealed

– You created the problem and wanted to win social capital on it – said councilor of the Civic Coalition Bożena Lisowska during the discussion at today’s session of the Lublin regional council.

According to her, despite the proposed by PiS correction of the position from 2019, the voivodeship will not receive EU funds by the end of the year, because the European Commission will have to analyze the text of the new position. Her club mate Krzysztof Komorski even filed a motion to repeal the previous resolution. However, the motion did not pass and the regional council decided to change the previous position.

The resolution mentions every person’s right to self-determination

The one that was adopted includes, inter alia, about opposition “to actions appearing in the public sphere that violate fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in acts of international law, question the values ​​in the Polish Constitution, and interfere with the autonomy of religious communities”.


The councilors declared their support for “all attitudes seeking to seek the truth, showing concern for the moral development of the young generation, the institution of the family and schools based on Christian values”.

“We see a special need to protect schools and families and the right of every human being to self-determination. At the same time, we support the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs” – reads the resolution.

PiS councilor Marek Wojciechowski, who read the position in the new wording, said that the change was dictated by the removal of room for over-interpretation, and the purpose of the original position “was not to violate the rights and freedoms of any people or to discriminate against them.”

– The Sejmik was guided by the sense of responsibility for all inhabitants of the voivodeship and the need to strengthen and protect the family institution as the basic social community, which is the optimal environment for human development – he said.

Marshal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship: there has been a rise above the divisions

The result of the vote was called by the voivodeship marshal Jarosław Stawiarski “rising above divisions” and thanked the councilors for changing their position.

– Let us remember that this is a public debate and in this room we can say everything, present various positions and these positions are not an expression of the law, but our opinion to which we are entitled – said the Marshal.

Resolutions against the “LGBT ideology” were adopted in 2019 by several dozen local governments at various levels, incl. the assemblies of the following voivodeships: Małopolskie, Lubelskie, Podkarpackie and Świętokrzyskie. In turn, the Lodz voivodship sejmik adopted the Local Government Charter of Family Rights.

Recently the Łódź sejmik decided to maintain the resolution. The authorities made a different decision Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.

Podkarpacie councilors revoke their position and adopt a new one

On Monday, the Sejmik of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship repealed its position of May 2019 on the “promotion and affirmation of the ideology of the so-called LGBT movements”. At the same time, the sejmik adopted a new position entitled “Podkarpacie as a region of settled tolerance”.

18 councilors voted for “, 6 were against.

The position that repealed the previous LGBT resolution and introduced new content about tolerance was presented during the session by the voivodeship deputy speaker, Piotr Pilch.

In the position of the councilors, they wrote that “attachment to tradition, respect for work, respect for property, cordial hospitality and, above all, respect for the dignity and rights of every human being are the elements that distinguish Podkarpacie”.

“The basis of the identity shaped in this way is the respect for Christian values ​​passed down from generation to generation, which are the foundation of Polish statehood and our belonging to the European community” – emphasized.

The PiS club, consisting of 24 people, has the vast majority of the 33-person sejmik in Podkarpacie. The Civic Coalition has five councilors, and the PSL has three. One councilor is unaffiliated.

Member of the “sad day”

This decision did not appeal to the deputy minister of justice and the Podkarpackie MP, Marcin Warchoł, a former candidate for president of Rzeszów. He was elected to the Sejm from the PiS lists as a candidate of Solidarna Polska.

“Today is a sad day for our Podkarpacie region, when the regional council with the hands of @pisorgpl councilors repealed the resolution in favor of Family, Freedom and Democracy, succumbing to the blackmail of officials of the European Commission. And this is the Day of the Polish Underground State …” – wrote MP Marcin Warchoł on Twitter.

Entry by MP Marcin WarchołTwitter

In Małopolska, the opposition draft has been adopted, the resolution has been repealed

On Monday, the Małopolska Sejmik repealed the 2019 declaration on LGBT ideology. 16 councilors voted for the waiver, seven were against, 15 councilors abstained.

The draft repealing the 2019 declaration was submitted by opposition councilors.

The results of Monday’s voting are the response of local government officials from Małopolska to the letters of the European Commission, in which it informed about the possibility of losing EU funds in the event of the continued validity of the 2019 declaration. The European Commission concluded that this declaration violated the rights of sexual minorities.

On September 3, Normunds Popens, Deputy Director General of the Regional Policy Department of the European Commission, announced that work on the REACT-EU program, which assumed support for entrepreneurs and the health sector in connection with the pandemic, was suspended. He also reported that proceedings had been instituted against Poland for violating the rights of LGBTIQ persons.

In the case of Małopolska, assistance from the REACT-EU program amounted to EUR 33.5 million (over PLN 150 million), and funds in the financial perspective 2021-2027 to approx. EUR 2.5 billion (approx. PLN 11 billion)

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