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Lublin. The 26-year-old confessed to killing three of her children. She is threatened with life imprisonment

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In one of the houses on Nadbystrzycka Street in Lublin, the bodies of three children were found – two girls aged nine months and two and a four-year-old boy. Paulina N., a 26-year-old mother of the children, confessed to the murders. The woman, by a court decision, is to spend the next three months in a psychiatric institution. She is threatened with life imprisonment.

She found the bodies of three children on Thursday morningOn September 30, their grandmother visited their 26-year-old daughter. She was arrested by the police and brought to the prosecutor’s office.

– She has heard three charges, these are separate charges of the murder of each of the children: two girls aged two years and nine months and a four-year-old boy. Each of these charges is punishable by life imprisonment – announced last week prosecutor Agnieszka Kępka from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin.

The suspect was sober at the time of committing the crime

The 26-year-old was arrested by the police and brought to the prosecutor’s officeLublin police

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The 26-year-old pleaded guilty. – Our preliminary findings show that the children were strangled. The suspect was supposed to do it with her hands. She was sober at the time of committing the crime. Blood samples were taken from her to determine if she was under the influence of other intoxicants. We do not have the results yet – says Agnieszka Kępka today in an interview with tvn24.pl.

During the investigation, you will need to consult a psychiatric expert. – The point is to establish whether the suspect was sane at the time of committing the crime. This is the standard procedure for homicides, the prosecutor points out.

Arrest in a psychiatric institution

The interrogation of witnesses and the examination of secured traces are in progress. The 26-year-old was arrested by a court decision for three months.

– The content of the court’s decision indicates that this preventive measure is to be performed in an appropriate psychiatric facility – says Barbara Markowska, spokesman for the District Court in Lublin.

She moved to Lublin in June

As Małgorzata Telmińska, a TVN24 reporter, established last week, the woman moved with her children to Lublin only a few months ago – in June. Already in July, she reported to the Municipal Family Support Center.

Visual inspection at the sceneTVN24

– She asked for help in settling the alimony matter. She was supposed to be a victim of domestic violence, which the father of the children was supposed to use against her, who had already been arrested by the police – reported on Friday on TVN24 Telmińska. The 26-year-old was visited several times by MOPR employees. And they emphasize that there were no signals that something bad was happening in this house.

The family was cared for by the Municipal Family Support Center

– There were no signs or disturbing symptoms related to possible disorders related to mental illnesses or indicating some addiction to psychoactive substances or alcohol – said Magdalena Suduł from the Municipal Family Assistance Center in Lublin in front of the TVN24 camera.


The MOPR did not have any signals from its neighbors. Also those from the woman’s previous place of residence. At the MOPR, she was provided with legal aid. She also received a targeted benefit. About mid-September, the mother of the children called to ask that the family assistant should not come for now, because – as she said – the children are sick and treated with antibiotics.

The tragedy happened at Nadbystrzycka Street in Lublin

Main photo source: Lublin police

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