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Lublin. The 51-year-old rode into the store in a wheelchair. He stole alcohol, overpowered two guards, and escaped

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The police detained a 51-year-old who had entered a market in Lublin in a wheelchair and stolen alcohol, and then – using pepper spray – overwhelmed him and left the store. The man is to hear the charge of robbery.

On Monday (August 16), a wheelchair customer appeared in one of the supermarkets in the Czuby district in Lublin. He got the attention of the security guards because he took a whiskey off the shelf and tried to cross the checkout line without paying for the goods.

– As it turned out, the man was perfectly prepared for such a turn of events. He immediately became very aggressive and, with the help of pepper spray, overpowered two bodyguards, and then escaped – says Commissioner Kamil Gołębiowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin.

He was arrested, he is to hear the charge of robbery

The uniforms have already detained the man. It turned out to be a 51-year-old resident of Lublin. A container of pepper spray was found in his house.

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– The 51-year-old went to police arrest. A resident of Lublin will hear the accusation of robbery, and the investigators will apply for a preventive measure against him – emphasizes Gołębiowski.

Our unofficial findings show that the man usually uses crutches. However, it is more comfortable for him to ride in a wheelchair. Although, as it turns out, he can also walk on his own. He was in the wheelchair all the time during the theft, the attack on the security guards and the escape.

The 51-year-old is to hear charges of robbery KMP Lublin

Main photo source: KMP Lublin

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