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Lublin. The brother pounced on his sister’s partner. Then he attacked the policemen with her

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A bloodied man was lying on the ground, being kicked by a woman – this was the sight of policemen in a park in Lublin. When they tried to intervene, the woman abandoned her current victim and threw her fists at the uniformed. The boy next to her joined her. It turned out that it all started with an alcohol-drenched “family” row. The couple who beat the policemen are brother and sister, and the battered man lying on the ground is the woman’s partner.

On Sunday evening (November 7), the police received a report about two aggressive people who were supposed to beat someone in the Bronowice Park in Lublin. On the spot, the uniform found a man lying on the ground, bloodied and kicked by a woman. There was also a young boy nearby.

– When the policemen intervened, the perpetrators immediately directed their aggression towards the intelligence agents. They both began to brutally beat the officers – says Commissioner Kamil Gołębiowski from the City Police Headquarters in Lublin.

The 19-year-old attacked his sister’s partner. This one was supposed to offend herKMP Lublin

The policemen managed to overpower the aggressors and handcuff them

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She adds that the uniforms were kicked, choked and hit with their hands all over their bodies.

– During the incident, however, the policemen managed to overpower the aggressors and put handcuffs on them. Soon after, a second patrol appeared on the scene to help lead the detainees, a 26-year-old woman and her 19-year-old brother, to a police cell. Both the uniformed and the beaten man were taken to the hospital with injuries, the policeman points out.

A party in the park, a family dispute, a beating

Preliminary findings suggest that the whole incident started with a 26-year-old woman drinking alcohol in a park with her 26-year-old partner and 19-year-old brother.

The policemen found a woman kicking her partner lying on the groundKMP Lublin

– During the libation, the 26-year-old was to offend his partner. The woman’s 19-year-old brother, who decided to administer justice himself, did not like it very much, says Kom Gołębiowski.

They are threatened with up to ten years imprisonment

The detainees were charged with an active attack on policemen and of causing bodily injuries and beating the 26-year-old. In addition, the woman will be responsible for offenses related to the violation of inviolability and insult.


The siblings were temporarily arrested by the court for two months. They face up to ten years in prison. Both have had a history of other crimes in the past.

Trouble awaits the third participant of the libation ended with a brawl. The man attacked by the siblings, as it turned out, was wanted by law enforcement agencies.

The incident took place in Bronowice Park in Lublin

Main photo source: KMP Lublin

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