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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Lublin. The car was standing on the tracks, no one was inside. They had to stop train traffic on the Lublin – Lubartów line

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Passengers on the Lublin Główny – Lubartów train had to change to another train. All because there was a car on the tracks. There was no one inside. The police are now looking for the owner of the red Opel and are explaining the circumstances of the incident. In their opinion, the car fell off the dirt road that ran along the tracks. We received photos showing what happened on Kontakt24. The train traffic was suspended for several hours.

The incident took place on Monday morning between the railway stops Rudnik – Lublin Ponikwoda. It was then, around 6 am, the driver of the Lublin Główny – Lubartów train noticed a red Opel standing on the tracks. We got photos of the car on Contact24.

– The driver stopped the train at a safe distance. There was no danger to the passengers. He informed the traffic dispatcher and the relevant services about the incident. The travelers moved to another depot and continued their journey. Until the work of the services on the spot is completed, the train traffic on the Lublin-Lubartów line is suspended – said Karol Jakubowski from the press team of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA before 10.00 and added: – The Commission and the police will establish the circumstances of the incident.

The car was empty, the policemen are looking for the owner

The car “hung” on the tracksKontakt24 / jacek_nowakpiqr

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There was no one in the red Opel standing on the tracks. The car was unlocked, but the driver was not there. Officers determined that the owner of the vehicle is a 21-year-old resident of Lublin, says junior aspirant Kamil Karbowniczek from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin.

The uniforms went to the woman’s apartment. But there was no one there. The search for the owner of the vehicle is underway.


– Most likely, the car crashed onto the track from the dirt road it was moving – says the policeman.

Before 11 a.m. the car was picked up, and train traffic on this section was resumed.

The incident took place near Torowa Street in Lublin

Main photo source: Kontakt24 / jacek_nowakpiqr

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