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Lublin. The child was playing on the carousel. It broke two toes. The playground has been closed since September

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An accident occurred in September at the playground in Lublin, which opened in August. A seven-year-old boy’s feet got stuck in the merry-go-round. The child broke two fingers. Since then, the entire playground has been closed. City officials say the problem has now been fixed. However, in order for the square to reopen, approval from the building supervision is needed. He is waiting for the magistrate to complete the documentation.

The case concerns the playground at Bluszczowa 11 in Lublin, which was built as part of the participatory budget. It was put into use in August, and as reported by “Kurier Lubelski”, the square has been closed since September 1. There was an accident there that day.

– While using the device, a seven-year-old boy got his feet caught in the carousel. I witnessed this event because at the same time my children were also playing in the square. The sight was terrifying, the boy’s nightmarish scream was heard, he was writhing in pain and it was hard to calm him down – said Justyna Budzyńska, chairwoman of the board of the Ponikwoda district, in “Kurier Lubelski”.

The playground opened last August City Hall of Lublin

They’ve been waiting for the square for years

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She emphasized that residents have been striving for the construction of this square for many years. – I would like the square to be reopened and, above all, to be safe for children. In addition, the injured boy should receive compensation for his suffering, because in this situation the human factor undoubtedly failed – said Budzyńska.

The diary reports that the child broke two toes on one foot and tore off a toenail on the other. The boy’s mother reported the whole situation to the city office.

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Probably the rain washed away the ground, the merry-go-round tilted

Justyna Góźdź from the press office of the Lublin magistrate informed that the square had technical acceptances, which were made on the basis of, among others, the so-called admission certificates.

“The probable cause of the incident was the washing away of earth and sand from the device after heavy rain and storm, which caused it to tilt during use and expose the edges,” she wrote in an email.

She added that the defect was removed by the contractor, and the square will be opened after obtaining a final decision of the building supervision.

“Formalities in this regard are in progress and should be completed in January” – noted the official.

Construction supervision: the city asked for an extension of the deadline

Piotr Kwiecień, spokesman for the District Construction Supervision Inspectorate in Lublin, assures that the decision will be issued immediately after the city office provides the required documentation.

The square was built as part of the civic budgetCity Hall of Lublin

– The documentation submitted by the city was incomplete. We requested a supplement. The office failed to do so within the set time limit and asked for an extension, which we agreed to at the end of last week, he points out.

The city is waiting for a document from the contractor of the playground

Justyna Góźdź informed that this state of affairs results from the fact that the removal of the defect by the contractor must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate. “Currently, we are waiting for such a document from the company that built the playground. Then we will be able to confirm the correct functioning of the device with a protocol and submit both documents as a supplement to construction supervision. Hence the need to extend this formal procedure” – emphasized the official.

The family can go to court

He adds that when it comes to insurance (and the issue of possible compensation), after reporting the damage, the procedure on the part of the city ends. “We have no influence on the insurer’s decision. The injured party has the right to pursue claims through court proceedings” – she noted.

The insurer wrote back to us that it is obliged to maintain the so-called insurance secrecy. Therefore, he cannot provide details of the case.

Main photo source: City Hall of Lublin

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