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Lublin. The new car caught the attention of the police. “They decided to keep the registration certificate”

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Police officers from Lublin noticed a new BMW that was driving through the streets of the city. All because of the green lights of the vehicle. – There has been interference with the headlights – they provide the uniform who stopped the car’s registration document. The officers remind you that the color of the headlights is strictly defined by law.

On Tuesday, traffic policemen – in Aleja Solidarności in Lublin – noticed a new BMW. All because of the front lights that were installed in the car. They were green. The car was stopped for inspection. A 33-year-old woman was behind the wheel.

The green lights caught the attention of the policeLublin police

Police: there was interference with the headlights of the headlights

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– During the checks, it turned out that there was interference in the headlights of the headlights from the inside of the glass. Thanks to this, an unusual color of the lamps was achieved. The woman stated that the car is mainly used by her husband, and she did not make any modifications, reports Superintendent Kamil Gołębiowski from the Lublin police. According to the words of the 33-year-old, the car was recently purchased. – During the conversation, the man could not logically explain the changes – says the policeman about the reaction of the woman’s husband.

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The driver of the BMW was instructed, and the uniform “decided to keep the registration certificate”. Why? – The color of the headlights is strictly defined by the regulations and arbitrary modification of the lamps is unacceptable – reminds Gołębiowski.

Main photo source: Lublin police

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