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Lublin. They painted the rocket on the playground in a white and red checkerboard pattern, stuck the emblem. After discussion, they took down the emblem

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A rocket-slide has been standing on one of the playgrounds in Lublin since the 1960s. The paint on the rocket was already peeling off, so the authorities of the cooperative decided to repaint it. The new color scheme caused a wave of comments. All because the rocket was painted in a white and red checkerboard pattern, and the emblem of Poland appeared on its top. Eventually it was removed.

“Maybe someone wants to turn the playground into a military training ground?” or “What does this rocket have to do with our country that it must have national colors and an emblem on it?” – such comments of residents were posted on the Noizz.pl portal in an article about the iconic rocket – a slide, which has been standing on the housing estate of them since the 1960s. Mickiewicz in Lublin.

It was blue, red and white. It is white and red

The authorities of the Lubelska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa have recently decided to repaint it. The effect sparked a heated debate online.

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Previously, the racket was blue-red-white. Now it has been painted in a red and white checkerboard reminiscent of the sign of the Polish Air Force. In addition, the emblem of Poland was glued to its top.

President of the cooperative: the rocket has been repainted and changed colors many times

According to local media, among Internet users (and the discussion was conducted on the Facebook profile of Our Joint LSM, until the possibility of adding comments was blocked) there were comments that the playground became very patriotic, and perhaps the president of the cooperative wants to please ruling party. There were also voices that the previous colors could be associated with the Russian flag, and children with Ukraine.

This is what the slide looked like before Our Common LSM

Andrzej Mazurek, president of the Lublin Housing Cooperative, tells us that there can be no politics here.

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– Since the 1960s, the rocket has been repainted and changed colors many times. The last time was about four years ago. We had to repaint it again because the previous paint was peeling off. We also wanted to paint over the vulgar pseudo graffiti that appeared there – he explains.

They brainstormed and a chessboard came out

As the president says, from what he remembers, the most frequently used colors were: blue, white and red.

They decided to change the colorsOur Common LSM

– And these are colors that do not have to be associated with the Russian flag, but also with the French one. At one time there were also blue and yellow colors, i.e. the same as they are on the Ukrainian flag. Some people can make an ideology out of everything. Although maybe somehow subconsciously we did not want the colors to be associated with the Russian flag – admits the president.

He mentions that there was a brainstorming session before changing the color of the rocket.

– First we painted it white, and then we added red, and that’s how the chessboard came out, which can be associated not only with the air force, but also, for example, with the flag Croatia. It happened a bit by accident, says Mazurek.

At first they painted it white. Then they added red Our Common LSM

Why an emblem? The president of the cooperative: it was an exaggeration

If so, what was the purpose of the emblem on the rocket? – we ask.

– Here I admit that although from the point of view of heraldry we did not commit a crime, it was actually an exaggeration. The sticker was therefore quickly removed – admits the president.

He points out that while the outside of the rocket will have the same colors as now, the authorities of the cooperative are still considering what colors to paint the inside of the rocket.

This is what the rocket with the emblem looked like. The sticker was removed after a wave of criticismClaudia Olender

They wonder how to paint the inside of the rocket

– Black color would be best, because if the pseudo-graffiti artists wrote something there, it wouldn’t be visible. But on the other hand, the interior would be too dark, and children play there. We still have to think about it, says Mazurek.

In the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, there was also a playground on the playground. a plane with a wooden propeller or a small off-road vehicle called a “gazik”. Only the rocket has survived to our times.

A playground with a rocket visible in a photo from Google Maps from 2017

Main photo source: Claudia Olender

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