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Lublin. They will commemorate Ukrainian students who died during the war. Exhibition “Unissued Diplomas” at the Catholic University of Lublin

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The exhibition is presented all over the world. It presents the stories of 36 Ukrainian students who failed to graduate because Russian aggression took their lives. From Wednesday (March 15) it will be on display at the Catholic University of Lublin. We will learn about the musically talented Anna, who was killed by the Russians near Czernichów.

– The exhibition has already been presented in over 45 universities around the world. Among other things, in JapanAustralia and CanadaDenmark, Ireland, NorwayUSA or India. In Poland, she was at the Jagiellonian University, she is to be at the University of Warsaw. In practice, the originators send graphics to universities, which are printed by these universities – says Monika Stojowska, deputy spokesperson of the Catholic University of Lublin.

On Wednesday (March 15) at 11 am in the atrium of the university Collegium Norwidianum there will be an opening of the exhibition “Unissued Diplomas” prepared by the Ukrainian-Canadian Union of Students (SUSK).

The opening of the exhibition will take place in the atrium of Collegium NorwidianumKUL

A very strong and moving message

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On 36 boards, photographs of 36 Ukrainian students who did not complete their studies because Russian aggression took their lives will be shown. Each of the photos will be accompanied by a description with the person’s story and a QR code leading to the project’s website.

– They were young people aged 17, 20, 22, who had their whole lives ahead of them, dreams. The heart is moved by the photo of each of them. It is a laughing girl accompanied by two children, a boy in a uniform who wanted to fight for freedom, musically talented Anna, who was killed by the Russians on the bridge near Czernichów on March 9, 2022. The war deprived these people of their freedom, and death ended everything, says Stojowska.

On the boards we will see photographs and read the stories of 36 people Ukrainian-Canadian Union of Students (SUSK)

He adds that the message of the exhibition is very strong and moving, while the exhibition is a living history, similar to the one we experienced in Poland during World War II, when the generation of Columbus died. – The war defined their youth, adolescence, maturation, determined their choices, took away youthfulness, brought death – the deputy spokesman notes.

One of the students took the initiative

The initiative to show the exhibition at KUL came from Mykhailo Dziubii, a student of this university from Ukraine, who found information about the project on the Internet and understood that he did not fully appreciate the opportunity to study and how grateful I should be for it.

The exhibition has already been presented in many countries Ukrainian-Canadian Union of Students (SUSK)

– He was also joined by other students of Ukrainian origin: Nataliia Tsymbalko, Sylwester Smyk, Julia Kozankewycz, Anastasiia Nakonechna, Sofiya Bakshi, Inna Shevchuk, Kamila Pronina, Vladyslav Kravchuk, Alina Chaikovska, Aleksandra Babij, Justyna Stawarz and Mykhailo Dziubii – says Monika Stojowska.

There will also be boards with poignant slogans

He adds that currently 485 people from Ukraine are studying at KUL.

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They will never receive their diplomas again Ukrainian-Canadian Union of Students (SUSK)

– We have been supporting the Ukrainians since the beginning of the armed conflict. For example, we organized a help bank, collecting e.g. food and dressings. In dormitories, we gave refugees a roof over their heads. We also sent numerous transports with gifts to Ukraine – emphasizes our interlocutor.

The exhibition will be available until April 13

As part of the exhibition, boards with poignant slogans such as “He wanted to study history, not become it”, “Yesterday he invited her to the ball, today he speaks at her funeral” or “Usually she was worried about failing the exam. the worry is to live until morning.”

The works will be on display in the atrium of Collegium Norwidianum until March 22. On that day, the exhibition will move to the hall of the Collegium John Paul II KUL. It will be there until April 13.

Main photo source: KUL

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