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Lublin Triangle. The presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine signed a joint declaration in Lviv

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The presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine – Andrzej Duda, Gitanas Nauseda and Volodymyr Zelensky – signed the Joint Declaration of the Presidents of the Lublin Triangle in Lviv, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland announced. Duda said that “stopping the war in Ukraine is one of the greatest challenges for the free world” that has occurred in the last few decades and appealed for further help for Ukraine from world governments.

President Zelensky arrived on Wednesday in Lvivwhere he discussed the situation in the western regions of Ukraine, in particular those bordering Belarus. He listened to a report on activities in the fight against subversion, the condition of fortifications on the border, as well as on the supply of troops and border services in the regions bordering on Belarus.

The presidents of Poland and Lithuania also arrived in Lviv on Wednesday, where they met with the president of Ukraine. “Today in Lviv, the Joint Declaration of the Presidents of the Lublin Triangle was signed,” she said. Office of the President of the Republic of Poland on Twitter, informing about the meeting.

“In the joint declaration of the Lublin Triangle, reference is made to the joint uprising of 1863-64 (January Uprising – ed.) and to the common First Republic of Poland ‘a bulwark against tyranny from the East'” – wrote the head of the Presidential Office of International Policy Jakub Kumoch.

Andrzej Duda he said at a press conference that once again politicians meet in such a group in Ukraine, just as they met literally a few hours before the Russian aggression against this country. He emphasized that Poland was “the first country that provided spectacular assistance to Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression” and listed tanks, ammunition, Grot carbines and Krab gun-howitzers among the equipment handed over to Ukrainians since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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– We support Ukraine politically and we will continue to provide Ukraine with weapons, also as part of the greatly accelerated modernization Polish army – announced the Polish president.

Duda: Poland has decided to transfer a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

He reported that Poland decided to hand over a company of Leopard tanks to Ukrainehowever, within the framework of an international coalition.

– A company of Leopard tanks will be handed over as part of coalition building, because, as you know, a whole range of formal requirements, approvals and so on must be met for this purpose, but above all we want it to be an international coalition – he said Booby.

– And we, within this international coalition, have decided to put in the first tank package, a Leopard tank company, which, I hope, in line with other Leopard tank companies and others (tanks) that will be submitted by other countries, will soon sail to Ukraine and will be able to strengthen the defense of Ukraine. Such a decision has already been made in Poland, he added.

The Polish president decided that “containment war in Ukraine this is one of the greatest challenges for the free world” over the last few decades and called for further help for Ukraine from world governments.

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Zelensky: I thank the Polish and Lithuanian people for their military support and the reception of refugees

President Zelensky said that Ukraine expects a “joint decision” of countries that are considering the transfer of tanks. As he stated, one country cannot provide as many tanks as would ensure Ukraine’s victory.

He said that he was “thanks to the Polish and Lithuanian people for their readiness to stand by our side on the way to victory.”

He noted that the military support of Poland and Lithuania proves that these countries are partners and friends of Ukraine. He also stressed the gratitude of the Ukrainian people for accepting Ukrainian war refugees.

Press conference of the presidents of Lithuania, Ukraine and PolandJakub Szymczuk/KPRP

Lithuanian president: Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be restored

The Lithuanian president said that his country would donate ammunition to Ukraine, among other things. Nauseda added that the perpetrators of war crimes will have to be brought to justice, support for Kiev must be broader, and victory in this war must be as soon as possible.

He stressed that Ukraine’s territorial integrity should be restored. The Lithuanian president added that the issue of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union must be included on the agenda of the EU Council.

The Lublin Triangle is a format of trilateral cooperation between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. It was established in 2020 and its goal is to deepen political, economic and social cooperation between these countries and to support Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Main photo source: Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP

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