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Lublin. Two men attacked a Ukrainian family in the street. They beat a 13-year-old boy, they struggled with a pregnant woman

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Insulting people on the basis of nationality and beating a 13-year-old boy – this is the direction the police are taking actions against 25 and 30-year-olds, who are suspected of attacking a Ukrainian family in the center of Lublin. According to the account of the lawyer representing the family, the men beat the teenager with their fists on the head and struggled with the pregnant woman, although she was screaming that she was pregnant.

On Saturday (January 7) evening, a native of UkraineOksana went with her 13-year-old son and adult daughter for a walk around Lublin. On Królewska Street, they were accosted by two men who asked if they had cigarettes.

– When Mrs. Oksana’s daughter said that neither of them smoked, one of the men left, and the other – hearing a clear Ukrainian accent – became aggressive. He shouted insulting words towards Ukrainians and ordered them to leave Poland. The second man immediately returned and also started shouting insults – says lawyer Anna Adamska-Gallant, who represents the family, in an interview with tvn24.pl.

They knocked down a 13-year-old boy and beat him on the head

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– I told them not to pick on us, that we have nothing against them, to leave us alone. But it did not happen – said 13-year-old Jarosław in an interview with TOK FM, which described the case.

He said that when he wanted to call the police, the perpetrators tried to snatch his phone, knocked it to the ground. – They beat their son on the head with their fists – said the boy’s mother in an interview with TOK FM.

My daughter screamed that she was pregnant. The men still grappled with her

As Anna Adamska-Gallant tells us, mother and sister tried to defend the boy.

– The latter shouted to them that she was pregnant. Men, however, also struggled with her. Although she has bruises, fortunately nothing happened to the child – says our interlocutor.

They had never encountered this type of aggression in Poland before

She adds that the family does not want to talk about it because it was a very traumatic experience for her.

– They have never encountered this type of aggression in Poland before. The daughter has been in Poland for several years. Mrs. Oksana came with her son in March, after the war broke out. The saddest thing about this whole situation is that none of the passers-by stood up for the attacked. One person, at the request of the victims, only called the police. Mrs. Oksana’s daughter also did it – says the lawyer.

They managed to take a photo of the aggressors

He adds that the uniformed officers quickly arrived on the spot, but at that time the aggressors had already left.

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However, the victims managed to take pictures of them. The police stopped them after several minutes on the street. The family told me that the aggressors smelled of alcohol, our interlocutor points out.

An expert prepares an opinion on the boy’s injuries

Chief Commissioner Andrzej Fijołek, spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin, informs that the detained men, based on the description, are 25 and 30-year-olds from the Lublin province.

– Monitoring has been secured and witnesses of the event are being questioned. Police officers from the municipal police department are conducting a case towards beating a minor boy and insulting people on the basis of nationality. This offense is punishable by up to three years in prison.

The detained men will be brought to the prosecutor’s office. An expert doctor prepares an opinion on the injuries suffered by the teenager.

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