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Lublin. UMCS students have created an application to help fight the plague of abandoned cars

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They stand in parking lots, sidewalks, some even in green areas. Students of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin decided to take a closer look at the wrecks scattered around the city. So they created an application thanks to which everyone can mark on the map a place where they notice an abandoned car. Soon, not only the map of Lublin, but also the whole of Poland will be available in the application.

“There is no definition of the so-called wreck in the law, i.e. usually a vehicle that is devastated, left unattended, which occupies a parking space for a long time or its technical condition threatens the safety of people” – we read on the website of the City Guard in Łódź.

It is further stated that “pursuant to Article 50a of the Road Traffic Act, a guard or a police officer may remove from the road a vehicle left without registration plates or a vehicle whose condition indicates that it is not used”.

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In the application you can see, for example, a wreck standing at Kresowa Street Scientific Circle of Geoinformatics – Geo IT UMCS

16 people worked for three months

“The vehicle removed in this mode is placed in a guarded car park, and if not picked up at the request of the municipality by an authorized person within 6 months from the date of removal, it is considered abandoned with the intention of getting rid of. This vehicle becomes the property of the municipality under the Act” – reads the entry .

The wrecks were decided to be investigated by students from the Scientific Circle of Geoinformatics – Geo IT UMCS, operating at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. They worked in 16 people for three months to create an application called “Abandoned cars in the city of Lublin”. Currently available on websitebut as announced by one of the co-creators of the application, Sandra Chrustowska, if there is interest, the application will also be available for download on the phone.

A decaying beetle without wheels at al. AndersScientific Circle of Geoinformatics – Geo IT UMCS

Click on the map and indicate the place where you noticed the wreck

The operation is very simple. After entering the website, a map of Lublin is displayed with a division into districts, on which we can see categories of wrecks marked in different colors – e.g. cars damaged, undamaged or vandalized. They all have one thing in common – they have been standing in parking lots for a long time and taking up space. Some are abandoned on the lawns.

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– When you click on a particular circle, information is displayed, e.g. on which street the car is parked and what brand it is. A photo is also attached – says Sandra Chrustowska.

Student: there are over 400 wrecks in the city

Although all photos and location markings were made by students, each of the application users can add more wrecks.

Parking at ul. electricityScientific Circle of Geoinformatics – Geo IT UMCS

“We want to encourage people to use it Municipal Policeso that cars disappear from public spaces as soon as possible. According to our data from three months ago, there are over 400 wrecks in the city, most of them in Sławina (one of the districts of Lublin – editorial note). There are also specific streets that you should pay special attention to. The largest number of wrecks, as many as 11, is located at ul. Niepodległości, not much less at Lipiński. – the student points out.

In 2022, 157 wrecks were taken from off-road areas

Robert Gogola, spokesman for the City Guard in Lublin, is happy that students have created the application, because – as he says – every tool of this type is useful, but he emphasizes that only a small number of cars indicated in the application can be treated as wrecks.

One of the cars taken after the intervention of city guards Municipal police in Lublin

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But of course we look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. Last year, we towed 17 such vehicles from public roads, and this year – six. We also help cooperatives or housing associations in identifying the owners of abandoned cars. Last year, thanks to this, it was possible to remove 157 wrecks from areas off public roads, and this year already 80, the spokesman points out.

The community cannot tow a car whose owner is unknown

While, as it was mentioned in the introduction, city guards and policemen may remove wrecks from public roads even if the owner of the vehicle cannot be determined, cooperatives or housing associations do not have such a right.

– We have to determine the owner of a given vehicle, and if we fail to do so, we cannot tow such a car, because it would be theft of someone else’s property – tells us Iwona Kuzioła from ADM “Śródmieście”, one of the Lublin real estate administrators.

Cars are also abandoned in green areas Municipal police in Lublin

The application is to cover the entire country

Students announce that soon a map of the whole of Poland will be connected to the application and it will be possible to indicate points from the whole country on it.

The problem with abandoned vehicles concerns the whole of Poland.

Main photo source: Scientific Circle of Geoinformatics – Geo IT UMCS

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