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Lublin. Wlodawa. Arrest for 41-year-old man for two attempted murders

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A 41-year-old man suspected of attempting two murders in Włodawa (Lubelskie Voivodeship) was arrested for three months. According to the police, the man first attacked the 24-year-old with a knife, stole his car, and then drove to his daughter’s boyfriend, whom he wanted to take his life. He is facing life imprisonment for the charges.

The incident was reported on Saturday by Mr. pcs. Kinga Zamojska-Prystupa from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Włodawa. She reported that the quarrel in the 41-year-old’s apartment took place on Wednesday evening, when the 24-year-old man did not want to take him to his daughter’s apartment.

“At one point, the man grabbed a knife and, screaming that he would kill him, injured him in the head and hand, then took the keys to his BMW and drove to his daughter’s apartment. When her boyfriend opened the door, the 41-year-old pounced on him with knife, threatening to take his life. During the struggle, the tool was taken from him, and he himself fled the scene, “the policewoman described.

The man was arrested by a police patrol after escaping in a previously stolen car. A breathalyzer test showed he was completely drunk. He was almost three times over the alcohol limit.

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Two counts of attempted murder

The investigators charged the 41-year-old with attempted two homicides, making criminal threats and driving while intoxicated, along with briefly using someone else’s vehicle. The court sentenced the suspect to three months’ imprisonment.

He is facing a life sentence for the charges against him.

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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