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Lubniewice. The day after the funeral, they found the urn of a loved one on a neighboring grave. The police are investigating the case

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Policemen from Sulęcin are dealing with the case of the urn, which was placed on the neighboring monument instead of being buried. The incident took place at the cemetery in Lubniewice (Lubuskie Province).

On July 1, the family buried their loved one. The next day, when they came to the cemetery, they noticed an urn with his ashes standing on the adjacent tombstone. They notified the police about the case.

– The policemen who came to the place to report the family confirmed that the urn, which should have been buried the day before, is on the grave next door – says Klaudia Biernacka, press officer of the County Police Headquarters in Sulęcin.


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The police are finding out what happened

An investigation was initiated in the case. – The investigation is about insulting human ashes. It is at an early stage – explains Biernacka.

It is not known whether the funeral director is to blame. who forgot to put the urn in the grave, or someone took it out of the grave after the funeral. – It’s too early to say how it happened. Whether it was buried or not, Biernacka cuts short, adding that the proceedings are pending in the case, no one has heard the charges so far.

– The owner of the funeral parlor has already been questioned – informs. The policewoman does not reveal what is apparent from his explanations.

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