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Lubno. The 16-year-old was selling cherries, her father got a ticket after the sanitary inspection. GIS changes its mind and wants to give a lesson

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On Saturday, the Chief Sanitary Inspector issued a communiqué on the intervention in Lubno. The stall of a 16-year-old girl who was selling cherries from her grandfather’s garden to earn money for a school trip was inspected there. A mandate was imposed on her father, which he did not accept. Now GIS claims that “the measures were not proportionate to the offense” and announces an application to the court “for the application of a more lenient measure.”

16-year-old Marysia from Lubna (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), wanting to earn money for a school trip, sold cherries from her grandfather’s orchard. At the stand in front of my grandfather’s shop, where she sold picked fruit, inspected by the health department with the assistance of the police.

On that day, as explained by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, similar tests were carried out throughout the region. – It’s hard to talk about exaggeration here. As it was an organized action, the team included police officers, as such inspections often take place in a rather nervous atmosphere – said Szymon Cienki from GIS.

The Sanitary Inspection imposed a fine on the girl’s father, including for the fact that the daughter did not have a medical certificate for sanitary and epidemiological purposes. – If we only used warnings in every situation, perhaps this form of control could be simply ineffective – argued Cienki. Marysia’s father refused to accept the fine, and the case went to court.

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GIS changes its mind

On Saturday, the Chief Sanitary Inspector issued a communiqué on the intervention in Lubno. “After a thorough analysis and examination of all circumstances regarding the incident of fining a 16-year-old girl in Lubno (Wałecki poviat), we would like to inform you that, in the opinion of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, the measures taken by the inspectors at that time were not proportionate to the offense,” we read in a statement posted on the GIS website .

“Consequently, the State District Sanitary Inspector in Wałcz will apply in court proceedings for the application of a more lenient measure, such as a warning. It was also decided to delegate controllers directly involved in this case to perform other duties,” it added.

In addition, according to the GIS, “provincial and district sanitary and epidemiological stations will receive instructions on how to proceed in such events.” “In the case of small pro-entrepreneurial initiatives, especially those undertaken by the youngest, the basis should be education about potential threats and the implementation of instructions, not punishment with a fine,” the statement says.

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