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Lubon. He was convicted of abusing his son and allegedly mistreating his wife

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The District Court in Poznań revoked the sentence acquitting Robert H. of the charge of mistreating his wife. The case will be reconsidered. At the end of last year, a man was legally convicted of abusing his son, 10-year-old Kacper. The boy came to the police station for help, told the uniformed man that he had been abused.

In the first instance, Robert H. was acquitted of the charge of mistreating his wife Katarzyna W. On Friday, the District Court in Poznań recognized the prosecutor’s appeal against the sentence and referred the case for reconsideration.

As reported by TVN24 reporter Aleksander Przybylski, at Friday’s session, Judge Katarzyna Stolarek decided that the court of first instance did not take into account the extensive material collected by the prosecutor’s office. – For example, the testimony of Kacper, as well as the mother of a woman who saw bruises on her daughter’s body. The mere fact that the mother was also the perpetrator of violence against her son does not mean that she could not have been a victim of her husband. What’s more, the fact that she was afraid to testify against her husband is typical, in the opinion of the court, of the behavior of the victims, reports Aleksander Przybylski from the court.

Now the case will be dealt with again by the Poznań Wilda District Court.

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Shaky and hungry, the boy went to the police station

The described case is a subplot of a high-profile case from April 2021, when A boy came to the police station in Luboń and told the officers that his father was abusing him. The then 10-year-old Kacper (the boy’s name has been changed) took advantage of the moment when his mother and stepfather went shopping, quickly dressed, wrote a few sentences on a piece of paper in which he said goodbye to his mother. “I ran away. Mom, I wish you had me. I regret being with you. Goodbye,” he wrote. Then he went to the police station.

Sergeant Monika Korfanty saw him in front of the entrance to the building. – He was knocking on the window of the police station, so I went over. He was very sad and jittery, he was in only slippers and a torn shirt – Korfanty said.

Kacper appeared in front of the police station door in pajamas and flip-flopsTVN24

The police officer quickly realized that the matter was very serious. – The boy replied that he did not want to go home. He left a note to his parents with the inscription: I’m not coming back, I ran away – reported Korfanty.

The 10-year-old told police about how he couldn’t look into the refrigerator himself because when he did, his legs were tied and he was told to kneel. He also couldn’t sleep on the bed, and when he put his head on the pillow, he “was spanked.” Punishments were supposed to “ennoble” the boy.

The boy’s stepfather in the first trial was sentenced to 5 years in prisonTVN 24

Allegations against the father and mother of a 10-year-old boy

Robert H., was accused of physical and mental abuse with particular cruelty to a helpless person due to age and for causing him bodily injuries lasting less than seven days. He was facing 10 years in prison for this.

– The man used violence, called the boy vulgar names, shouted at him, punished him for trivial offences, forbade him to read books or go outside, made him stand in one place with his arms outstretched, kneel, lifted him by his things, pulled his ears, he was beating, grabbing his neck – only part of the alleged acts was enumerated by prosecutor Łukasz Wawrzyniak from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

Robert H. pleaded not guilty to most of the charges. – He admitted only to beating with a belt – informed Wawrzyniak.

The child’s mother was also charged. – She abused a person who was clumsy because of her age: she beat, screamed, pushed the boy – informed Wawrzyniak.

In the case of the woman’s behavior, the investigators did not find any abuse of particular cruelty. – Katarzyna W. pleaded guilty and gave detailed explanations. She confirmed that the man mentally and physically abused the child and her. She also filed a notification of the possibility of committing a crime of abuse, the prosecutor said.

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Sentences for the boy’s father and mother

Robert H. for mental and physical abuse of the boy with particular cruelty he was sentenced to five years in prisonHe was also ordered not to contact or approach the victim.

In the justification of the verdict, the judge assessed that the accused “raised hell for a minor”. He added that the boy had no support for five years and that the psychological and physical abuse was developing.

Katarzyna W. was sentenced to a year in prison suspended for five years.

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Main photo source: TVN 24

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