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Lubsko. They demolished the old toilets, found a bottle with a letter from 40 years in it

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During the demolition of old buildings at the Karaś Lagoon in Lubsko (Lubuskie Province), a letter was found in a bottle from 40 years ago. The previous builders wrote a few sentences on a piece of paper.

In Lubsko (Lubuskie Voivodeship), on the Karaś Lagoon, work is underway on the construction of a modern tourist information center. According to the announcements of the Sports and Recreation Center, a completely new building will be erected in the place of the old sanitary facilities and changing rooms. This is where the new Tourist Information Center, medical service point, utility rooms and public sanitary facilities will be located.

But for something new to appear, it was first necessary to take care of what is. And so in November, during the demolition of old toilets, a team of employees found a bottle with a message from 40 years ago in it.


They found a letter from 40 years ago

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Someone wrote a few sentences by hand on a scroll of checkered paper. “This building was built by convicts of the prison in Lubsko in June 1981. Julian – Poznań. Stefan – Zielona Góra, Werner – Nowe Miasteczko”. – Somehow that bottle survived. Inside was a note from 40 years ago. We did not expect it at all – says Robert Śgłba, director of the Sports and Recreation Center in Lubsko, and adds: – We published the photo of the find on the Internet. It caused positive emotions among the residents. A few decades ago, many investments were made in a community effort. Prisoners were also involved.

A note from 40 years agoFB – Sports and Recreation Center in Lubsk

Some Internet users, under the photos on the website, began to share their memories from years ago. “I ran to them and brought tea in a milk bottle and sandwiches that my mother was preparing. Then, after the sentence, one of them came to us and gave me Chinese wooden blocks as a thank you” – wrote one of the Internet users. “(…) The sidewalks along Robotnicza Street were also laid by the convicts. Then our mothers cooked more dinner and we children carried them to them” – recalled another person.

If everything goes according to plan, the investment in Lubsk should be ready next year. – I hope that the new buildings will be as durable as the old ones – adds the director of the center.

Main photo source: FB – Sports and Recreation Center in Lubsk

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