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Lubuskie. High fire hazard. “Really critical situation” in Zielona Góra forests

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– The risk of fire formation and development is very high. The humidity of the forest litter dropped to less than eight percent – said Paweł Wcisło from the Zielona Góra Regional Directorate of State Forests in an interview with TVN24. He added that on Monday, the number of fires in the forests in that area since the beginning of the year exceeded 100.

As emphasized by Wcisło, in the area of ​​the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Zielona Gora The highest fire risk level applies on Monday. – This means that the risk of fire formation and development is very high. The humidity of the forest litter dropped to below eight percent, he explained in an interview with TVN24 at noon.

He noted that “this is a really critical situation.” As he said, with air humidity of 50 centimeters below 30 percent and strong winds, “this is a very big threat to forests and people staying there.”

Wcisło reported that from the beginning of the year until Monday until On the 13th of the RDSF in Zielona Góra (south of the Lubuskie Voivodship) there were 101 forest fires. He added that “nearly half” of them were built in June “due to weather conditions”.

Most fires are caused by human activity

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As the TVN24 interlocutor said, “the vast majority of fires, over 90 percent, are caused by human activity, whether it is intentional or unintentional.”

– We classify about 40 percent of fires as arson. It is so dangerous and dangerous that in such conditions, often in hard-to-reach places, these arson attacks happen in several places at the same time. This causes a high risk of fire development and covering a large area with fire – he explained.

Paweł Wcisło from the RDSF in Zielona Góra about the fire hazardTVN24

“A cigarette butt often causes a fire”

Wcisło pointed out that “it is forbidden to use open fire in the forest”. “Even an abandoned cigarette butt in these conditions can and often does cause a fire,” he said.

– Fires are also caused by various failures, be it power lines or during the movement of trains, as well as during work in the fields, where sparking machine elements can cause a threat to forests and cause a fire – he added.

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Fire risk on Monday

The Forest Research Institute on Monday afternoon describes the fire risk in most of the country as high. The average risk of fire outbreak in forest areas is generally in the south and south-east of the country, in part of Podkarpacie it is described as low.

Forest fire risk on Monday afternoonIBL

The fire hazard forecast is made in 60 forecast zones based on measurements of pine litter moisture, relative air humidity and precipitation, and determines the possibility of a fire on the day of its execution. Meteorological measurements are carried out twice a day in several places in each zone. The forecast is made by the State Forests in the period of fire risk – from 1 March to 30 September.

Main photo source: TVN24

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