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Ługi-Radły. He was leaving the main road and hit a 13-year-old cyclist. The boy is in critical condition

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A 13-year-old cyclist is in the hospital's pediatric anesthesiology and intensive care unit after being hit by a car. “He has severe head, chest, and multiple organ injuries. Doctors are doing everything they can to save him, but his condition is very, very serious,” the hospital spokesman said. Police warn drivers: the heat is distracting.

The accident occurred on Friday before 9 a.m. In the village of Ługi-Radły in the Kłobuck district, on Kościelna Street, a 67-year-old Toyota driver hit a teenage boy. The cyclist is 14 years old, but he has not had a birthday yet this year.

Kamil Raczyński from the Kłobuck police, who provided us with the information, emphasized that these are very preliminary findings. The police are still working at the scene and documenting the incident. They are to be joined by an expert in reconstruction road accidents.

Hitting a 13-year-old cyclistklubcka.pl

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The boy rode his bike correctly

The driver was definitely sober. His blood was taken for further tests.

– A 67-year-old driver from the Kłobuck district, while driving a Toyota from a side road, hit a 13-year-old cyclist who was driving correctly – says Raczyński. – The teenager was transported to hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries – he adds.

The 13-year-old was taken by an air ambulance helicopter, which landed next to the road in a field.

Hitting a 13-year-old cyclistklobucka.pl

Earlier, the cyclist was rescued on site by firefighters and an ambulance team.

– Thanks to the combined forces of firefighters and paramedics, the boy managed to regain consciousness – told us Senior Captain Łukasz Tasarz, spokesman for the district headquarters of the State Fire Service in Kłobuck.

The child was accompanied by a second teenage cyclist, who was unharmed.

Hitting a 13-year-old cyclistklobucka.pl

Head and chest injuries

– The boy came to us at around 10 a.m. He is in the anesthesiology and pediatric intensive care unit. He has severe head, chest and multi-organ injuries. Doctors are doing everything they can to save him, but his condition is very, very serious, I would even say critical – Łukasz Majewski, spokesman for the Provincial Specialist Hospital at the hospital, told us.

13-year-old cyclist hit by carklobucka.pl

– Concentration decreases during hot weather. Therefore, we once again appeal to you to be particularly careful when traveling by car. Especially in the area of ​​intersections and pedestrian crossings – says Raczyński.

Main photo source: klobucka.pl

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