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Łukasz Mejza – MP’s travel costs by car and taxi in 2022

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Łukasz Mejza spent over PLN 32,000 on trips by “his own or other” car, according to the report on the expenses of his parliamentary office for 2022. Another PLN 14,000 was spent on taxis. Earlier, we reported that the former deputy minister of sport was the parliamentary leader of air travel at the expense of the taxpayer.

The report from 2022 on the expenditure of the lump sum allocated to running the deputy office of Łukasz Mejza was published on the Sejm’s website.

Łukasz Mejza – car and taxi costs

It follows from it that PLN 32,400 were the costs of car travel “own or other” of the former deputy minister of sport last year in connection with the performance of the parliamentary mandate.

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In the asset declaration for 2022, in the field “components of movable property worth more than PLN 10,000”, in which motor vehicles are entered, Mejza entered: “not applicable”, which may indicate that he does not have his own car.

As for the cost of car trips, there is no record. Even Romuald Ajchler (Left) spent more – 35.1 thousand. PLN, Marek Biernacki (PSL) – almost 35 thousand. PLN or Piotr Borys (PO) – 34.4 thousand. zloty.

However, we also learn from the report on running the MP’s office that: taxi costs by Mejza amounted to PLN 14,217.01. Here, the former deputy minister is – according to the calculations of the “Fakt” daily – the second deputy leader in the parliamentary ranking. Only Stanisław Tyszka spent more (14.9 thousand). Paweł Kowal was also lower on the podium (12.1 thousand).



Voyages of MPs. Lukasz Mejza at the helm

As we reported at the beginning of the year, Lukasz Meza he is also known for air travel at taxpayer expense. According to the list prepared by the Chancellery of the Sejm, the deputy served the most flights during the first 11 months of 2022. He made 119 air trips, which cost PLN 78,397.20.

For parliamentarians, the flight is free, but in reality it is paid for by the taxpayer. “In the case of domestic flights of Members of Parliament, we can talk about a negotiated unit ticket price, which in 2022 was PLN 658.80 gross for one flight, regardless of the route on which the flight was carried out” – explained the Sejm Information Center at that time.

Accusations against Łukasz Mejza

Mejza has been sitting in the Sejm since March 2021, when he took over the mandate after the late KP-PSL MP Jolanta Fedak. After entering the Sejm, Mejza did not join the club of the Polish-PSL Coalition and remained unaffiliated. Deputy Minister of Sport in the government PIS he has been since October – he took office on the recommendation of the Republican Party.

In November, WP journalists found out that Vinci NeoClinic, a company founded by Mejza, promised to treat people struggling with incurable diseases. The method praised by the MP has no medical confirmation. Treatment fees started at $80,000. WP also published a text in which journalists collected stories of people who had contact with Vinci NeoClinic and were persuaded to undergo unproven therapy.

The offers of Łukasz Mejza’s company were to reach, among others, people such as Katarzyna Sokół, who suffers from adrenoleukodystrophy. Her elder son died of the same disease, the younger one has had two bone marrow transplants, and her husband has lost his sight. The woman told about it in an interview with TVN24.

Read also: The Mejzy company offered her treatment. Katarzyna Sokół: Hope awoke in me, contact broke off. I’m trying to pick myself up

December 24 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki dismissed Łukasz Mejza from the function of deputy minister of sport and tourism. The day before, the politician announced on social media that he was resigning. He stressed that he would continue to support the United Right camp. He announced then that those who “in the pursuit of winning a few political points spread fake news” about him “will suffer adequate legal consequences”.


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