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Łukasz Mejza. The case of the deputy minister of sport. Roman Giertych comments

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Attorney Roman Giertych commented in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about reports that the company of the current deputy minister of sport, Łukasz Mejza, promised to treat seriously ill patients with a method that has no medical confirmation. – For me, the matter is obvious. If no information is provided within three days that it is not true, it is simply true. And if this is true, then there are obvious grounds for initiating criminal proceedings – he said.


On Wednesday, Wirtualna Polska wrote that the company of the deputy minister of sport and tourism, Łukasz Mejza, promised to treat people struggling with incurable diseases. Mejza was to convince parents of sick children that his company’s therapy would cure them – the starting price was $ 80,000. The method praised by Mejza has no medical confirmation. The deputy minister announced that the WP article “will be subject to court proceedings.”

Giertych: if this is true, there are obvious grounds for initiating criminal proceedings

This case was commented on in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by Roman Giertych, former deputy prime minister and minister of national education.

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– The question is very simple, did Mr. Mejza offer sick children medical procedures, unacceptable by European Union countries, in Mexico, for 80 thousand dollars, giving the terminally ill people hope that they will recover? I do not understand why PiS did not force the minister to answer this question – said Giertych.

– For me, the matter is obvious. If no information is provided within three days that it is not true, it is simply true. And if this is true, then there are obvious grounds for initiating criminal proceedings. And this criminal procedure should run at a gallop, because the public opinion in this case is very appalled – he continued.

Giertych: Jarosław Kaczyński gives his trusts a license to commit crimes

He also talked about the reason why PiS had not decided to dismiss the deputy minister of sport.

– Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński uses a method that has been known in history for many centuries, that he gives his trusted people, those who support him, a license to commit crimes. This license is based on the fact that “as long as you are with me, you are completely safe and you can do whatever you want, even if you did what they tell you to do, don’t be afraid: as long as you are with us, nothing bad will happen to you” – said Roman Giertych.

According to Giertych, this is a signal for MPs Jarosław Kaczyński – “do not be afraid, as long as you are with me, you are safe”.

Giertych: we have identified several thousand people who have been illegally detained

Giertych was also asked about application to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which he prepared together with patrons Jacek Dubois and Mikołaj Pietrzak. The notification concerns the commission of a crime by the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro and his deputy, the national prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski, as well as “unidentified co-responsible persons”.

– As part of the proceedings before the International Criminal Court, we already have several thousand people who have been illegally detained, just like me – he said, referring, inter alia, to the fact that in October 2020 he was arrested by the CBA.

– Therefore, every citizen who opposes this authority, and I oppose it in various ways, must take into account the fact that he may be detained (…) while it is simply a criminal activity. I hope that soon after the application is submitted, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague will issue appropriate decisions in this case, Giertych continued. He was asked what aggrieved persons the application to the ICC relates to. He replied that “they are very different people.” – These are people who participated in various kinds of demonstrations. And these were demonstrations against the authorities – explained the patron.

He mentioned here, inter alia, the demonstrations by KOD, regarding women’s rights, concerning opposition to the so-called Smolensk monthlies.

Giertych: I hope that people responsible for this will be charged next year

Giertych said that, together with the other authors of the application, he showed “examples of people who were deported at night, left at 4 am in some police stations, far from their place of residence, and stripped during the search”. In his opinion, “these are elements of the state that are supposed to freeze citizens, conduct proceedings that will simply freeze opposition activities”.

– I hope that next year charges will simply be brought against those responsible for it. Obvious candidates, I am saying this not as an attorney, but as the aggrieved party in this proceeding, are Mr. Święczkowski and Mr. Ziobro, because they are in charge of the prosecutor’s office, they are in charge of the whole procedure – he continued.

The guest of “Fakt after Faktach” stated that “the prosecutor’s office within PiS has two functions”. – It is one thing to protect people within PiS who commit crimes, (…), and on the other hand – their task is to push the opposition out of people who are actually involved in opposition activities. Such people are activists of the organization, those who demonstrate, who oppose in some way – he enumerated.

– I do not see the possibility that the prosecutor’s office in The Hague will refuse to proceed in a situation in which we have evidence, currently for over a thousand people, and we will probably have many more – who were intimidated in such a way that they were detained, even some they were arrested in order to break political resistance – said the patron.

Giertych: there were 30 court decisions in relation to my case

In this context, Giertych referred to the consequences of his arrest by the CBA in autumn 2020.

– A year ago, I was detained by the Central Anticorruption Bureau and as a result of this arrest, we had a number of proceedings. These proceedings showed that these actions of the CBA and the prosecutor’s office against me were criminal. There were 30 final court judgments in relation to this whole case – he delivered. – The courts found that the prosecutor’s office and the CBA had illegally searched my office, searched me illegally, detained me illegally, brought charges against me illegally, and other activities were carried out illegally concerning our house in Italy, concerning various types of proceedings that had been previously. For example, the court found that the CBA had no right to pursue this case at all – the lawyer enumerated.

Giertych said that “now the most important thing for him is the redress procedure.” – It has started, I hope that the first ruling will be made soon – added the TVN24 guest.

Main photo source: TVN24

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