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Łukasz Szumowski dismissed as director of the National Institute of Cardiology. He took it well

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Former Minister of Health and hero of the ventilator scandal, Łukasz Szumowski, was dismissed from the position of director of the National Institute of Cardiology. It went very quickly thanks to the law adopted by PiS. “I will treat people, not administer,” he said.

Professor Łukasz Szumowski was dismissed from the position of director of the National Institute of Cardiology. The former Minister of Health was appointed director of the institute by his successor, Minister Adam Niedzielski, exactly two years ago, despite the allegations against him. The most serious of them is about the money lost for the purchase of respirators, but this is not the only accusation. Four years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health, headed by Szumowski, paid an advance of PLN 160 million to an arms dealer for the purchase of respirators, but the latter did not fulfill the contract. The minister has not suffered any consequences for this so far. His dismissal as director is perhaps a sign that something is starting to happen in this matter. – I’m still the clinic manager. Formally, I am at the Institute. Except that I have been dismissed as director. Maybe it’s good, I’ll focus on treating people, not on administration – explains Szumowski.

Cieszyński about the arms dealer: he was verified by the CBATVN24

Questions for the minister

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The cardiologist from the institute in Anin will probably have to appear before several investigative committees in the Sejm – including the one dealing with envelope elections. He will have to answer the question why he agreed to carry out the tests against his own medical opinion and against the opinions of epidemiologists at the time. – Minister Szumowski also expressed criticism about the idea of ​​conducting postal elections. He hesitated for a few weeks. After a few weeks, he issued an opinion agreeing to envelope elections – reveals Jarosław Gowin, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education. The cases dealt with by the Supreme Audit Office also require separate investigations and explanations by Łukasz Szumowski. This includes the selection of companies producing masks during the pandemic. – There was no serious supervision. Not very transparent, not very transparent program. The order was received by companies that were not, in fact, subject to proper verification – emphasized Marian Banaś, president of the Supreme Audit Office in 2023.

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The former PiS Minister of Health was dismissed as director of the institute, which is allowed by the current Minister of Health under the act amended by PiS in 2017. – The process of selecting a new director is now underway. We want him to be a great specialist, and I hope that we will soon provide information about who will be the new director of the Institute of Cardiology, announced Damian Kuraś, spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Professor Szumowski refused to talk in front of the “Fakty” TVN camera.

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