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Łuków. She noticed him drinking a beer on the sidewalk. The policewoman recognized him as a would-be thief and gave chase – recording

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When a 27-year-old man walking along the sidewalk in Łuków (Lublin Voivodeship) noticed a police car, he threw the can of beer he was drinking and started running away. A police officer ran after him, recognizing him as a man who wanted to steal alcohol from the store that same day. Some of the interventions were recorded by a driver passing by.

The police received a report that there was an attempt to steal alcohol in one of the stores in Łuków. On the same day, police officers patrolling the city noticed a man walking on the sidewalk and drinking a can of beer. The officers recognized him as a man described by store employees as a would-be thief.

“When he saw a moving police car, the young man threw a can of beer into the street and started running towards a nearby housing estate,” says Staff Aspirant Marcin Józwik from the District Police Headquarters in Łuków in a statement.

They noticed him walking along the sidewalk KPP Łuków

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He claimed it was a mistake

A police officer ran after the man. This moment can be seen in the recording provided to the police by a passing driver.

The policewoman’s business partner entered the estate at a different place. After a while, the escapee was in the hands of the police.

“The detainee claimed that he had nothing to do with the attempt to steal alcohol and claimed it was a mistake. The officers did not believe his assurances, and their suspicions were confirmed by the store clerk,” Józwik reports.

Started to run away. The district officer followed him KPP Łuków

He didn’t want to say his name. It turned out that he was known to the police

The detained person did not want to provide his details.

“He thought that in this way he would avoid responsibility. It was of no use to him. It turned out that the 27-year-old from the Wojcieszków commune was known personally to other policemen from Łuków” – describes the policeman.

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He will be held accountable for his offenses

The case will soon be heard in court. For attempting to steal alcohol from a store, drinking beer in a public place, littering the road and failing to provide your details to the police, the 27-year-old may face a fine, restriction of liberty or even imprisonment.

Part of the intervention was recorded by a passing driver who passed the recorded video to the police.

Main photo source: KPP Łuków

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