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Lunar eclipse in May 2023. Will it be visible in Poland? Where to watch the penumbral lunar eclipse?

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A lunar eclipse will occur on Friday. The Silver Globe will then enter the penumbra of our planet, which will dim its shield. Check if we will be able to admire this phenomenon in Poland.

There will be a partial lunar eclipse on Friday, May 5. The phenomenon will start at 17.13 CET and will peak at 19.22. At that time, the sky over Poland will still be illuminated by the sun’s rays, which means that the phenomenon will not be clearly visible. The eclipse will end at 21:31.

The phenomenon will be best seen by observers in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, East Africa and parts of Southeast Europe. Although in Poland we will have difficulty observing Friday’s eclipse, it will still be worth looking at the sky. There will be a Full Flower Moon on Friday night.


Penumbral eclipse – what is it?

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A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when our natural satellite moves through the Earth’s penumbra. This means that only part of the sunlight reaches its dial, which makes it appear less bright. This phenomenon is usually more difficult to observe than other types of eclipses – the Silver Globe does not pass through the deeper, black shadow of our planet.

A penumbral eclipse is one of three types of lunar eclipse. The most spectacular is the total eclipse, when the satellite is completely hidden in the shadow of the Earth. Another type is a partial eclipse – then part of the Moon’s disk is obscured by a shadow, causing a characteristic “biting off” part of the disk.

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