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LunAres Theia II mission. Our man on the moon has completed his mission. “It’s been a difficult week, full of sacrifices”

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Bewilderment, disbelief, but also joy – this is how the last part of our envoy’s mission to the analog Moon can best be summed up. Hubert Kijek completed his mission in the LunAres habitat and “returned to Earth” on Friday. – I think it’s time to go into orbit – announced the TVN24 BiS reporter and recently an analog astronaut right after leaving.

– Hello, hello, Habcom this is Hubert. Astronaut number one, thank you for the last week. I’m going back home to the Earth. Over and out – these were the last words of TVN24 BiS reporter Hubert Kijek during the analog lunar mission in the LunAres habitat.

“It was quite intense for the crew”

As noted by the head of the habitat – Leszek Orzechowski, the presence of our man “on the moon” was associated with a special adaptation of the research.

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– Hubert is leaving at this point, and the rest of the crew – five people – will spend an additional seven days there, and this will definitely affect the dynamics of the group, because during this week they created their own relationships, they made themselves known to each other as individuals, but also worked as team and now they lose one member of this team – he said in an interview on TVN24 BiS. He added that it was necessary to properly design the plans together with scientists. – It was quite intense for the crew to be questioned every day, helping Hubert in his work. And from tomorrow the crew won’t have it anymore, he noted.

Stick left the habitat in his suit – exactly as if he had just landed on Earth with his spaceship.

– You proved to be a very valuable member of the crew, the team. You have created your own group dynamic and I already know because I spoke to your commander every day that they will miss you for the next week and they will miss your skills because Hubert has proven himself to be the best cook on board and this during isolation when you are locked up with other people is extremely important – said Orzechowski.

Food – even on the analog version of the Moon – was not the easiest to process.

– When you only have a freeze-dried diet, it’s not easy. […] It was a difficult week, full of sacrifices, I must admit – confirmed Kijek.

After such a long isolation in a fairly dark environment, the sense of sight must prepare itself for light. Minor complications in well-being did not bypass our envoy. “After leaving, I’m feeling a little dizzy, I must admit. Lots of air, fresh air, reported the reporter.

European journalist in “space”

Kijek mentioned that perhaps the mission in the LunAres Habitat – and the admission of the first communications officer to it – would lay the groundwork for sending a cosmos the first European journalist.

– That’s what analog missions are for, to test various types and personalities, but also various professions that will work in space in the future. Let’s face it, the last choice of the European Space Agency showed that there is a focus on specialists. […] More and more of them will be needed, including journalists, probably soon – agreed Orzechowski.

The week-long mission is over. – After the stratospheric balloon and flight in weightlessness, now I can add another label – analog astronaut. I guess it’s time to go into orbit. We vote for the Earth – Hubert Kijek summed up his adventure in the Lunares habitat – “our man on the moon”.

We could follow all of Hubert Kijek’s struggles on TVN24 BiS. You can see reports of his stay on the analog moon at tvnmeteo.pl.

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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